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Garcelle Beauvais Thinks The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Deserve More Credit

It’s always an honor to be the first anything. I was thrilled that I was the one. I have to tell you, the week before my season aired, Bravo was running the marathon of old Beverly Hills episodes and I had a panic attack — like, “Aaaah! Everybody is going to see everything!” I was freaking out. I had to call a girlfriend to talk me off the ledge. She’s like, “Girl, it’s too late to walk back now!”

The drama is the biggest challenge, really. Oh, you never know when the drama is coming. You’ve always got to be prepared, honey. Waterproof mascara is a must. Make sure your wig is on tight, because you never know. First of all, the show is very competitive. No one is going to tell you, “Oh, you should do this.” No one is really going to give you any beauty tips. We go glam. You have to compete with Dorit. You have to bring it. I like [going from] no makeup to looking glam. I like the change of it all. The before and after. I never put on lashes on my own [before this] — they’d end up on my brows! And now I know how to put them on, which is really cool. Even if I don’t take glam on a trip, at least I know how to put on lashes. And I think any time you put on lashes it makes you feel a little bit more glamorous.

I love Becca foundation, and Kim Kimble shampoos and conditioners. Moisturizing is the most important thing for me because I have eczema so I tend to be dry. I use Bioelements Crucial Moisture or their Absolute Moisture. I also like to exfoliate at night because I feel like it gives your skin a chance to rejuvenate before the next day [when] you start putting makeup on. Epicuren is a big deal for me. I use their apricot scrub twice a week at night and their Colostrum Luminous Cream. Aquaphor, that’s my go-to. It’s always in my bag. I use it for my lips, if my cuticles are dry, if I have a patch of eczema. And I love perfume. I always stick to one perfume and make it my signature. The last few years it’s been Burberry Brit. I think wearing it on the show helped me stay true to who I am.

I have to say, Beverly Hills doesn’t get the amount of credit it should in terms of the fashion and the makeup and the hair. We bring it. I think it influences what people want to wear, and it definitely reflects the culture of beauty in America because women love beauty — to look good, smell good. I’ve been doing hair and makeup forever. I love every minute of it.

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