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Four winged poems

Apr 14 From 2021– “At this time of year, the birds catch my eye and hold it back. The robins are back, or maybe they are more daring. I see them more in the early spring season, when the worms are warming up off the ground The goldfinches are still mute, their diets still don’t offer the delicacies that make their plumage brilliant And the mourning pigeons are crying all day … I love the way looking at them helps me slow down. to seem crowded and hectic. The school year is almost over, although there is still a lot of work to be completed. Longer days seem to come with more demands. I am thankful, then, for the birds. ” Orion poetry editor Camille T. Dungy shares a selection of her favorite bird poems here. (138 reads)

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To take actionPay special attention to the birds in your area today. What do your observations reveal to you?



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