We found a few neat things from ColourPop Cosmetics

Today we glad to share with you some really awesome items. There are a number of items in ColourPop Cosmetics worth featuring today, so let ‘s get started ASAP!

Firstly on the list
Angled Eye Brush

Precision eye lining and brow shaping. The firm, angled brush can be used with powder or cream formulas. Clean cat eyes and feathery brows are in your future.
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The 2nd item on the list today is Fair 04 🥳

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The third item on the list today is Snake Eyes!

Caution: this pale pink taupe could be deadly

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Next we have Tea Garden.

Come, take a seat, and sip on this duochrome red with a green gold flip

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The 5th product on the list today is Dark Brown!

Neutral dark brown

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