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Floral Street Discovery Set Lets You Try 8 Scents for Less Than $20 – Review

I’m the type of person who likes to try a little bit of everything. In fact, it’s my greatest fantasy that one day — once I’ve won the lottery or finally had my million-dollar idea — I will march into the finest restaurant in New York City, look at the menu, and declare, “We’ll take one of each, please!” (The “we’ll” in this dream scenario refers to a group of friends that includes — but is not limited to — Martha Stewart and Mindy Kaling.)

So it’s no wonder I’m so enamored with Floral Street Discovery Set, which contains not three, not five, but eight different mini fragrances. (It’s basically the tapas restaurant of perfume.)

And if you’re already familiar with Floral Street — a British brand that draws inspiration from the vibrant culture of London — you know there isn’t a dud among them. 

The scents are arranged from lightest and freshest to more powerful and musky, with several landing somewhere in-between. On the brighter side are London Poppy — with orange and Sicilian lemon — and Neon Rose, a refreshing take on the classic floral note thanks to hints of jasmine. 

Wild Vanilla Orchid — spiked with sandalwood — feels like a warm hug while Black Lotus and Ylang Ylang Espresso are decidedly on the spicy side with twists of rose and coffee, respectively. And that’s to name but a few.

Needless to say, this set is a dream come true for not-so monogamous fragrance fiends like myself who want to try it all. The envelope-like packaging is small enough to slip in my pocket, and I find myself reaching for different scents throughout the day.

But, of course, if you’re not looking to play the field, this set is also a great starting point to determine if you’re more into citrus or fruity-florals. Then — once you’ve fallen in love — you can invest in a full-size bottle of your favorite. Or maybe one of each…

You’ll find the Floral Street Discovery Set in our Limited-Edition Fragrance Allure Beauty Box.


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