Fall Makeup Tutorial | Easy Yet Gorgeous Everyday Look

It’s high time to follow this season’s fashion and makeup trends with this fall makeup tutorial!

Fall marks the start of the cold season. Apart from changing your wardrobe, bringing out your boots and scarves, you definitely need to overhaul your makeup look.

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Fun & Simple Fall Makeup Tutorial

What You’ll Need:

How To:

  1. First, you need to apply your primer. Here, Smashbox Primer Water and Smashbox Primer were used to increase the longevity of the makeup and minimize the appearance of pores.
  2. To create an even color on your face, you need to apply a foundation. Use a soft brush to blend it all in. To conceal and highlight, apply your concealer under the eyes and on the nose bridge. Use a makeup blender to make sure it’s blended properly.
  3. Use a translucent powder to “cook” your concealer. “Baking” in cosmetics means letting translucent powder sit on your face (where you applied your concealer) for a couple of minutes. This allows the heat from the face set at your concealer or base foundation.
  4. Set the foundation for the rest of your face with the MAC Prep & Prime Translucent Powder. Don’t forget your contour. This will accentuate your facial shape more.
  5. Fill in those brows and don’t forget to brush the hair strands every now and then. Finish off by setting your brows with the Gimme Brow.
  6. Brush off the excess bake powder and apply your blush for the perfect fall makeup look. Set everything with a setting spray. Here Maybelline Master Fix was used. This will make sure the makeup will last throughout the day.
  7. Apply your eyeshadow. Well, for fall makeup, I prefer orange, peach, and brown shades. These colors bring out the color of the eyes and can complement any skin tone. Apply the darker shade on the outer corner of each eye. Use cardboard or paper to clearly define the line. Use a brush to blend everything out.
  8. Afterwhich, apply the same shades you used a while ago on your lower eye. Also, use a lighter shade to highlight below the eyebrows and in the inner corner of the eye.
  9. Apply your eyeliner. Before this, apply the darkest shade on your eyeshadow palette near your lashes with an angled brush. This will create a look of having eyeliner. Accentuate further with your Makeup Forever Eyeliner.
  10. Apply your mascara after curling your lashes. Be sure to apply on both the upper and lower lashes. Once they’re dry, apply your false lashes. Put on your false lashes, but make sure you curl them later to make it seamless.
  11. Apply your lip liner first and your lipstick later. Nudes look good to match your fall makeup. However, you can experiment with various shades like mocha, peach, nude, or darker shades.

Finished Look:

Say goodbye (in the meantime) to your natural and fresh makeup looks you used over the past few months of hot weather. It’s time to bring out those bronzers, play with peach shades, and experiment with your eyeliners for the perfect fall makeup look.

Look ravishing this year’s fall with the perfect makeup and fashion essentials. It’s the time of the year to play with brown, nude, and peach shades of makeup while nailing turtlenecks, scarves, and boots.

Let me know what you think of this fall makeup tutorial in the comments below. 

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