Eyebrow Threading and Covid-19: Changes to Expect During Your Next Appointment

An expert threader can have a client in and out the door within a few minutes. “In our kind of business, it only takes five to 10 minutes per client,” says Dhillon. Since appointments are so short, he asks clients to wait outside on the sidewalk on floor markers that have been posted six feet apart. 

If you’re weighing various beauty treatments, keep in mind that a set of highlights or a manicure will take longer to complete. Of course, a shorter timespan does not guarantee a risk-free visit. 

New threading tactics

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, mouth threading may become a relic of the past. “We no longer place thread in the mouth,” explains Jennifer Ngo, owner of Chic Lash Boutique in Houston. Her threaders can choose from a choker necklace that holds the thread on the neck, or a custom mask that sits the thread near the chin, visible in the floral version pictured below. (The tricked-out threading mask goes atop the threader’s regular PPE.) 

“Our artist, Mona (see image with floral mask), designed and created custom masks that go atop our medical masks. It has a metal ring tied to the front in order to mimick threading from the mouth,” Ngo says. “There’s more gear involved with threading now, but we believe all the protocols are worth it and have helped all our threading artists stay safe and without incident since reopening May 8.”

The neck technique allows threading businesses to stay open while keeping their employees safe with masks, but there is a downside. “You have to move the neck a little differently, and you could end up with a little more neck pain,” says Sheikh. She’s managing the issue by reducing employee hours, so threaders won’t have to work through as many clients in a day.  

The Bottom Line

“You have to choose your risks and benefits in life, and maybe doing your eyebrows is not for right now,” says infectious diseases physician Jones-Lopez. Of course, it’s up to each of us to weigh those risks and benefits for ourselves. We do suggest, at minimum, completely ruling out any salons who continue to use the mouth threading technique and thus don’t wear masks. 

If you do choose to book a threading appointment, we advise checking the latest regulations near you, researching safety practices at your studio, and considering your comfort zone honestly and clearly. And if you prefer to stay home, start here for instructions on how to reshape your own brows, no thread required. 

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