ESPA Clarifying Clay Mineral Mask is Just the Thing for Home Spa Days | Review

My skin has been extra blotchy lately and my regular moisturizer isn’t calming the redness on my cheeks, forehead, and nose. So I was equal parts surprised and thrilled when this kaolin clay- and coconut oil-infused mask reduced the redness and made my skin noticeably brighter and smoother overall. The sweet floral scent was a relaxing perk. I wore it for about 10 minutes (I’m too antsy to go the full 20 that’s recommended on the bottle) and loved how my skin felt tighter, but not dry, after I rinsed. My skin tone still isn’t totally even (that would take a miracle), but it is looking better.

You’ll find ESPA Clarifying Clay Mineral Mask in the June 2021 Allure Beauty Box.

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