Look at these bargains from drBotanicals

Hooray! we are so glad to share a number of great products. There are a number of items in drBotanicals worth featuring today, so let ‘s get moving ASAP!

1st off on our list is:

Coco Noir Nature’s Own Light Facial Moisturiser 50ml 🤣

Our Coco Noir Nature’s Own Light Facial Moisturiser is formulated to soothe and rejuvenate the skin by keeping it hydrated, nourished and protected, for a brighter, more radiant complexion.

 Vegan certified Dr Botanicals products, are made only of natural ingredients. We love botanicals! We believe oils and plant extracts can make a genuine difference to skin. The range is based 100% in natural ingredients all paraben and harmful preservative free. Never tested on animals, this range embodies our belief in the potent power of botanicals.

 The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

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Our second product on the list for today is Madagascan Coconut Day Cream 50ml.

Our Madagascan Coconut Day Moisturiser is packed full of high-potency beneficial ingredients designed to provide you with a powerful moisture boost. This formulation works to create a softer appearance and reduce the effects of ageing by nurturing existing defences and reducing excess water loss throughout the day for a bouncy, glowing finish.

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