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Cute Matching Nail Art and Face Mask Ideas From Manicurists

As for my nails, this floral mask was giving me ’70s vibes, and I wanted to bring the rainbow of shades in the print to my hands. I used a blend of red, white, pink, and blue polishes by Zoya (shades Arizona, Snow White, Harbor, and Cora), Nailtopia (Trust The Process and Keep It 100), and Chanel (Energy and Daydream). I’m a more-is more kind of gal. (Hey, I do what I want with my nails — and so should you.)

Here are how some of my supremely stylish nail art colleagues from around the globe are showing off their matching masks and manicures.

The contrasting prints in this look by Melbourne-based nail artist Liam Petrasli offer a super-unique, eye-catching effect we love. To tie everything together, Petrasli added leopard print detailing within the flowers on each digit and used a creamy, light pink base to let the design do all the talking.

To achieve this look at home, you’ll want to get your hands on some coffin-shaped acrylics (like these), as well as some blush pink, black, and yellow-gold polishes. Additionally, a fine line brush will come in handy for the details — however, if you’re a beginner, using a stencil or nail sticker in a similar style might be a better route.

Kristen Valdez-Dougherty, @sfnoma

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