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Covid-19 And Your Hair

By Jenna Brooks

With Covid-19 having changed everything this year and hardly looking like it will be going away anytime soon, there has been a new cosmetic issue that has arisen, especially for those in high risk professions. This problem being how masks and face shields are ruining the hard work we spend on our hair. 

While this issue definitely pertains more to those working in the healthcare field or in nursing homes, anyone who has worn a mask that ties around their head instead of looping around their ears has definitely also experienced it firsthand. Additionally, if you’re looking to stay extra protected, opting for an N-95 mask, the tight bands that wrap around your hair can definitely crush any volume your hair had beforehand. Personally, I carry around two N-95’s that loop around my head because of my immune system condition, and they have definitely ruined any hair look I had going for the day. Masks are definitely something vital if you are heading into public or heading into work, and luckily, there are definitely solutions to fix the crimping and matting down that face masks and face shields can leave on your hair. 

Fortunately, there are different mask and face shield products on the market designed to save all sorts of hair types, in addition to N-95’s which keep their protection while still simply looping around your ears. For example, a new company called HairBrella has created a cute all-in-one face shield and hair protectant. Although on the more expensive side, this product keeps your face protected while you’re out in public and keeps your hair looking fresh because the shield is attached to a head scarf that wraps around your hair. Specifically designed with African American and mixed women in mind, this HairBrella is a product for all ages, to keep textured hair from becoming crushed, or smushed, or crimped, or otherwise ruined throughout the day while simply trying to stay protected. Say goodbye to ruining your hair while trying to stay safe, this product shows you can have it all!

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