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Courteney Cox Shares Semi-Microbladed Brows in New Photo

With a simple switch in the shape or length of your eyebrows, you can completely transform your look. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways to get the brows of your dreams, whether it’s with a brow pen or pomade or the semipermanent option of microblading. There are plenty who love the procedure, like actor Courteney Cox, who shared a selfie on Instagram showcasing part of the process. 

The Friends star posted the candid selfie on November 16 with the amusing caption, “Had my eyebrows microbladed. Too much?” She kept it pretty casual with her tousled hair hanging loosely around her head and minimum makeup — except for the two rather large splotches of a brown-colored cream on her brows. 

While that brown cream may look a little bit funny, it does have a purpose — it’s the pigment used to create Cox’s new arches. After creating the hair-like strokes, California-based cosmetic tattoo artist Audrey Glass applied the cream to ensure that each stroke has ample pigment for a perfect set of brows. 

It takes more than one session to make sure your arches are perfect, and that second session can occur anywhere from a month to two months after the first appointment. But after that, your brows will be filled in for about a year before any more touch-ups are needed, according to New York City-based cosmetic tattooer Bethany Wolosky.  “If you don’t touch them up again after 12 to 18 months, they’ll eventually completely fade away,” she previously told Allure

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