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Colourpop and Disney’s Baby Yoda Eye Shadow Palette Launches October 29

If you had told me a few years ago that in 2020 we’d all be cooing over Yoda, the tiny green Jedi Master from Star Wars, I’d honestly have been severely confused — but thanks to the Disney+ series The Mandalorian and its introduction of Baby Yoda (otherwise known as The Child), here we are. Since the show debuted, he’s become a global viral phenomenon that’s near impossible to avoid. Of course, you can now find Baby Yoda merchandise in just about every category imaginable: clothing, home decor, kids’ toys — and now, you’ll be able to find that adorable little dude in a format that’s been missing all year: makeup.

On October 29, Colourpop Cosmetics will launch The Child Eye Shadow Palette, an official collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm, the creators of The Mandalorian. Affectionately named after him, this palette is entirely focused on Baby Yoda, from the eye shadow shades and their names right down to the packaging plastered with his likeness. Colourpop gave Allure a close-up sneak peek of the eye shadow palette, a perfect and affordable gift for any Star Wars obsessives in your life.

The outer packaging of The Child palette features a super cute illustration of Baby Yoda, complete with his outward-perking ears and big, cheerful-looking eyes. Inside, you’ll find a smaller drawing of Yoda alongside the words, “cutest in the galaxy.” That’s where you’ll also find nine Mandalorian-inspired eye shadows in glitter, metallic, and matte finishes. Mostly in muted green, brown, and gold hues, these shadows also pay tribute to the show with names like Droid Protocol, Precious Cargo, and Right Hand Mando.

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Here’s the unfortunate downside to this otherwise flawless product: it’s limited-edition. And given how rapidly some of Colourpop’s other collaborations have sold out, we wouldn’t be shocked if the same happened to the Baby Yoda palette. He is basically an A-list celebrity, after all.

The Colourpop The Mandalorian The Child Eye Shadow Palette, $16, is available on starting October 29 at 10 a.m. PT.

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