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CO. by Colgate Launches a Dental-Care Collection Aimed at Generation Z | Review

Kicking it off is the It’s Lit Overnight Whitening Wand, which is made up of just four ingredients: alcohol, water, hydrogen peroxide, and acrylates/octylacrylamide copolymer. Sarah Winter, a board-certified dentist and founder of Sarah Winter Dental in La Jolla, California, says that hydrogen peroxide has a “well-proven track record as a whitening ingredient, penetrating through the deeper layers of the teeth and breaking up compounds that cause discoloration.” And according to Kami Hoss, a board-certified dentist and CEO of The Super Dentists based in San Diego, the acrylates/octylacrylamide copolymer is a film-forming and fixative agent that is water-resistant, so the hydrogen peroxide can stay on longer.  

However, both caution against applying more than the recommended dose (one to two clicks per four teeth) or leaving the formula on for too long, as that may result in tooth and gum sensitivity — or even long-term enamel damage. (In the event of short-term irritation, Winter says a soothing vitamin E gel will come to the rescue.) 

After two weeks of continued use, this no-frills treatment is supposed to make your teeth look up to three shades brigher. I like the concept of a whitening wand but the formulas are usually so heavy that I can’t fall asleep before wiping it off. (Perhaps that’s just me.) However, this serum is so lightweight and barely noticeable, and the brush applicator never overdoes the dosage. 

Suspanic tells me that the wand creates “a coating that allows for a slow release and extended [overnight] exposure to the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide.” Come morning, you’ll see some white “stains” on your teeth that you easily remove with your toothbrush. Over the past two weeks, I’ve definitely noticed less yellowing (did I mention I’m an avid coffee drinker?), but you really have to be consistent over a span of three to four weeks (as Winter recommends) for the best results — and, of course, keep up your regular brushing and flossing habits.

CO. by Colgate It’s Lit Overnight Whitening Wand

Later, Stains! Foaming Anti-Stain Mouth Rinse ($14)

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