Christophe Robin’s Sandalwood Leave-In Conditioner Is the Antidote for Dry, Frizzy Hair | Review

This morning my toddler pointed at my air-dried hair and asked what was going on. I taught him a new word (frizz) and got definitive proof that my hair does indeed look different on days when I don’t use Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream with Sandalwood, a silicone-free leave-in conditioner. 

I’ve always preferred air-drying over blow-drying , but it’s getting harder to pull that off – now that I’m in my late 30s, my hair is a little dryer and a lot fuzzier than it used to be. A lot of oils and leave-in conditioners are too heavy to use on the flyaways around my roots, and then really, what’s the point? Christophe Robin’s Sandalwood leave-in conditioner is one that actually smooths that puffy air-dried look without flattening my roots.

Its mix of hydrating ingredients (like glycerin and apricot kernel oil) and light creamy texture let me air-dry without the frizz or puffiness. But my favorite way to use it is actually after I’ve air-dried my hair. I run a dollop over clean, dry hair, and then run another little squeeze of the cream over my roots. I get a kick out of watching the instant transformation from fuzzy to shiny, like a hair commercial that plays out in my own bathroom. Hey, sometimes it’s the little things.

You can find Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream with Sandalwood in our February 2021 Allure Beauty Box.


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