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Chrissy Teigen’s Fuller Lips Are an Allergic Reaction, Not Filler – Photos

Chrissy Teigen is candid as can be, even about her cosmetic procedures. (Remember when she shared her breast-implant-removal journey?) So if she got lip filler, she’d be the first to tell you. That’s why we completely believe her when she says the reason her lips suddenly looked so plump over the weekend is not due to injectable filler overload.

“You’re all just gonna think that I got lip fillers, but I didn’t get lip fillers between last night and now,” she says in a selfie video posted to her Instagram Stories, her bottom lip noticeably swollen. “I, like, bit an orange to try to open it, and I think there must’ve been, like, a pesticide or something on it.”

She’s laughing at herself, but clearly uncomfortable. “Look at this. It’s, like, hard,” she says touching it. “Look how bouncy it is.”

Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

In the next clip, she appears to be trying to make the most of it with a low-key glam look, but she wrote over the video, “Nose is swollen too lol.” In yet another clip, she says, “I feel like it’s getting bigger.”

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