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Chrissy Teigen Got Tiny Dot Tattoos All Over Her Fingers

At the rate Chrissy Teigen is going, her body is going to be covered in tattoos by… well, not any time soon, really. The model, host, and social media dignitary has been collecting ink with increasing frequency, but they’re all relatively small, delicate designs. And her latest tattoo is quite possibly the smallest yet.

Most of Teigen’s tattoos, though small, have had big meaning for her. She has her family’s birthdates tattooed on one of her forearms, their names tattooed on the other, the name Jack tattooed on her wrist in memory of the baby she lost in 2020, and husband John Legend’s lyrics tattooed on her back. But not every piece of ink has to have a profound purpose. In fact, Teigen is actually hoping her new tattoo, done by celebrity favorite tattoo artist Winter Stone, doesn’t mean anything at all. 

On Thursday, March 18, Teigen posted a black-and-white picture of her hand, her fingers newly decorated with lines of tiny, permanent dots. “Please don’t tell me this means something in morse code, I just like dots,” she wrote in the caption. (We would be remiss to not also call out the gorgeous manicure with what appears to be bright white polish on the moons.)

Of course, commenters chimed in. “Uh, I literally just read it. It says this says nothing, it’s just dots…. 😉,” one apparent Morse code expert said. Another jokingly wrote, “Ironically it means, I like dots. What are the odds? 😂.” Another comment reads, “Please check out my yoghurt buttons! You’ll love them ❤️❤️,” but we’re pretty sure that’s a bot and not what Teigen’s tattoo means. (And what are yogurt buttons?)

Anyway, this isn’t Teigen’s first finger tattoo. She also has a tiny heart on the outside of her pointer finger, right near the nail, which she got at the same time as her family’s names. 

The fact that there’s no particularly personal meaning behind this latest tattoo means only one thing: prepare to see it become quite the trend among other fans of tiny dots.

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