Chic Makeup For Black Friday Morning Shopping

Is your makeup for Black Friday shopping ready? Here’s a guide for easy and chic makeup for Black Friday morning shopping!

Braving the stores for Black Friday shopping isn’t a reason for you to look shabby. In fact, if you’re buying makeup, it’s the best time to wear your makeup armor.

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Makeup For Black Friday Shopping Looks

1. Be Ready To Fake (Lashes) It

If you can’t truly feel alive in the morning – don’t blame yourself, Thanksgiving parties can last for hours and will give you leftover eye bags. If you want to look awake, then fake it. As in “fake lashes” it! That’s in addition to your concealer and blush, of course.

In less than five minutes, you get to have those beautiful popping eyes. If you need help putting them on since it’s your first time, here’s the tutorial you need.

2. Puffy Eyes — Gone In An Instant

MADatwBlUfk-a-young-woman-applies-a-concealer-under-the-eyes | makeup shopping

Would you believe I haven’t posted any “I woke up like this” selfies? One reason: puffy eyes. If you’re in the same boat as me, and you need to get out of the house immediately, then you definitely need concealer.

Urban Decay’s Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is awesome for girls with dry skin. Nevertheless, since it’s full coverage, it hides your puffy eyes and even early wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Make A Statement With Smokey Eyes On Reverse

MAC5MDlqir0-beauty | black friday

Go daring (but still easy to do) with your makeup on Black Friday and go with something smokey. Let’s do a little twist here: do a reverse smokey eye. Does that sound confusing? Nu-uh, it’s actually the eldest sibling of the smokey eye looks you know today, and it’s easy to do.

4. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize With Eye Products that Won’t Budge

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What if you don’t want the smokey look and you know, you’re trying to keep the “let’s keep it natural” makeup tradition? Then just use some eyeshadow. But wait, before you grab yours, think of the heat, the sweat, and the possibly hours of falling in line.

Do your current eyeshadows stand all of that? If it’s a no, then get this e.l.f No Budge Shadow Stick. It’s ridiculously cheap, and it’s a must-have. It doesn’t cause smudging and creasing and it’s rich in antioxidants to continuously moisturize your eye area. It has a built-in primer so it’s meant to last on the lids.

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5. Be Ready To Cut It With On Fleek Contour And Highlight

MADyRNWIygk-woman-wearing-brown-longsleeve-top | blackfriday makeup deals

Let your face shimmer, so they’ll never know you haven’t slept a week (although I really hope you did). One way to do it is by applying contour and highlight.

You can use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. You have five quad palettes to choose from, with each retailing at roughly $40 to $45. It’s metallic and shimmery and can be blended to highlight your cheekbones, the corner of your eyes, and even the body.

Contour and highlight will surely make you look fabulous like this!

6. Wear Bold, Transfer-Proof Liquid Lipsticks

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For your makeup for Black Friday, make sure you leave no room for touch-ups and go for a matte formula that doesn’t budge. Skip the classic red and go for other related shades like mauve, burgundy, plum, or berry just to give your lips some truly wow factor.

Handy tip: And since we’re all about intense Fall colors, how about these gorgeous nail polishes to pair with your makeup?

7. Use Blush For A Natural Flush

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Who doesn’t blush when they’ve got a makeup haul for cheap? *wink* But even if you don’t get what you want (there’s always next year, don’t worry), you can still have a cheeky glow with this affordable ELF blush palette. It’s a quad palette with matte and shimmery finishes. It lasts for about four hours, easy to blend, and with good pigmentation.


Ack! No foundation, you say? That’s all right. You can still have gorgeous makeup for Black Friday. Here’s a quick tutorial by Roxette Arisa:

With a reverse smoky eye, shocking lips, smudged eyeliner look, a glowing highlight, and a contour on fleek, who says you’re going to look drab with your makeup for Black Friday morning shopping? In fact, you can do all these makeup tips in 20 to 30 minutes tops, so you can have more time to actually shop! Try them this year and take a beautiful selfie with your black Friday haul!

Do you have your own tips on makeup for Black Friday? Share them with us by leaving your comment below.


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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.




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