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Castor Oil & Its Benefits

By Jenna Brooks

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing remedy for your skin care and hair care needs, you may want to consider castor oil. Beyond its practical and medical uses, castor oil has a ton of proven benefits for your skin, body, and hair, making it a vital product to consider adding to your daily routine.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that has been around for hundreds of years. The oil has shown incredible benefits for your entire body, inside and out. With the different acids inside castor oil, it has shown to be an incredible moisturizer for your face and body. As it is free from dyes and perfumes, it won’t irritate the skin or eyes like many other products can. Additionally, the oil is proven to reduce redness and inflammation, some of the key factors that can cause acne. It has the ability to balance out the skin, reducing some of your acne in a natural way. The moisturizer acts as an agent to remove bacteria from the skin while smoothening and calming any irritation you may be facing.

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Moreover, castor oil has some great benefits for all different types of hair. It acts as a strong conditioner, relieving any irritation on the scalp and bringing moisture back to your hair. Castor oil also has great benefits for those with drier or more damaged hair, helping to aid split ends or damaged parts. Much like for your skin, the oil can reduce extreme dryness and inflammation, being a proven aid for fixing dandruff as well. Finally, different studies have shown that castor oil is a great product for promoting hair growth, strengthening ends, and bringing back their health.  

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