Cardi B’s Daughter Kulture Created a Beautiful Abstract Makeup Look for Her – See Photos

It was only Tuesday that Cardi B was giving trolls a piece of her mind for trying to making her feel bad about her makeup-free face. She let the world know that she has unshakeable confidence whether she’s wearing a full face of artist-applied makeup or none at all. And now you can add “wearing toddler-applied makeup” to that list, too.

On Wednesday, Cardi B shared a couple of clips on her Instagram Stories in which she’s lying down getting her makeup done, not by her go-to makeup artist Erika La’ Pearl, but by her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Kulture. In the front-facing selfie video, we see Kulture’s cute little hand enter the frame to create what’s turning out to be quite the avant-garde, abstract look.

Instagram/Cardi B

The video starts with Cardi already unevenly covered in a dark mauve shade that matches her T-shirt. It’s smudged all over her eyelids and onto her nose and lips — but only partially. It’s complemented by a bright red hue that fills in much of the lid space not yet occupied by the mauve, also appearing on a cheek and blended into one brow.

Kulture goes in with what appears to be a lime-green eye crayon, using a decidedly forceful application technique to add more asymmetric color to Cardi’s lids. And from the looks of it, the pillow the rapper is reclining on has also gotten its makeup done.

Instagram/Cardi B

“I look pretty?” Cardi asks.

After a pause, Kulture replies, “I don’t want this makeup.”

Cardi, with the patience of a saint, can only say, “OK,” and stop recording.

Instagram/Cardi B

Kulture is already immersed in beauty and fashion, as is apparent from the stylish posts on her own Instagram account with more than a million followers. Cardi also regularly shares the recipe she uses for a DIY hair mask she makes for her daughter. Even dad Offset has gotten in on doing Kulture’s cute-as-can-be hair. It’s no surprise she’s taken an interest in makeup, but we’ll just have to wait and see if Cardi lets her continue to experiment on her face.

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