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Cardi B Debuted Neon Blue and Green Hair Ahead of Halloween — See the Photos

Naturally, Stylez is receiving an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on her post, with countless fans and fellow artists leaving comments like: “🔥U are stupidly talented 🙌🏼,” “MIA!!!! This hair is insane! U did such a good job on this wow!! 💙💙💙” and “Woah you’ve done the impossible! this is art 😳😳.”

Additionally, the entertainer wore an electric blue onesie that matched her hair look perfectly — because, well, of course she did. It is Cardi B, after all. She shared multiple photos and videos from throughout the night to show off her full look, including ones from when she went to a haunted house with her husband Offset.

Of course, we can only imagine what hair look the rapper will wear for actual Halloween — though if this look is any indication, whatever she goes for is bound to be above and beyond.

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