Cancer Horoscope March 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

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Happy March, pretty Cancer! At the end of last month, you found comfort in creative outlets. It’s healthy to pick up a hobby now that we’re all spending more time indoors. When warrior planet Mars enters chatty Gemini and your 12th House of the Unconscious on Wednesday, March 3, you find yourself sharing some of your deepest desires with a friend, lover, or confidant. You’ve gotten in touch with your wants and needs through art or journaling, and now you’re ready to express them. This will bring you closer to your inner circle and leave you feeling more supported and accepted. Lower those crab claws, Cancer, and open up. 

There is a dark new moon in intuitive Pisces on Saturday, March 13. This lunation brings your 9th House of Philosophy into the light and calls into question long-standing beliefs. Are you holding on to thought patterns, obsessive thinking, or belief systems that no longer suit you? It may be time to try to make a change. If you’re ready to work on attachment patterns, consider finding a therapist to help. Perhaps you’re reflecting on harmful belief patterns you grew up with, and are ready to start thinking for yourself. When communication planet Mercury also enters insightful Pisces on Monday, March 15, it becomes easier to talk out such complicated questions, perhaps with a therapist or trusted friend. 

Aries season begins on Saturday, March 20, bringing a spring to your step. The first half of the month was emotionally challenging, but now you’re ready to have some fun. When lover planet Venus enters confident Aries and your 10th House of Social Status on Sunday, March 21, the universe begins rolling out the red carpet for your love life. If you’re single, this could mean meeting someone who makes you feel powerful. If you’re already partnered, get ready to feel understood and loved. It’s been a hard year, so when someone starts showering you with praise and affection, soak it up. 

Finally, there is a bright full moon in Libra, the sign of partnerships, and your 4th House of Home and Family on Sunday, March 28. Uh, Cancer, are you about to shack up with someone? Even if that’s not the case, your love interest or partner may feel closer than ever. See, all that hard emotional earlier in the month was worth it! That’s what your tough shell is for; just don’t be afraid to share that soft center with those who love you. See you next month. 

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We know many of you may be feeling worried, frightened, or isolated right now. Although the stars don’t have answers to the multitude of questions running through all of our minds, astrology may at least provide some comfort during times of uncertainty. We urge you to donate to one or all of these organizations if you’re able to. If you can’t, we created a guide to ways you can support the BLM movement other than financially.

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