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Biggest Black Hair Care Myths

By Jenna Brooks

There are so many different myths and tall tales when it comes to women’s haircare, especially black haircare. From “natural” products you can make at home to just overall completely wrong information, it can sometimes be hard to decipher the truth and the myth online. Here are some fun and important myths that could change your hair care routine or simply give you a good laugh!

Our first myth is that loaded up on grease for your hair is beneficial for your scalp. While this may seem at least fairly understandable with the use of oils for moisture, they actually do the total opposite, locking in moisture to your hair and preventing any new hydration from reaching your scalp. Instead, maybe consider a moisturizer or deep conditioner to hydrate everything up.

Next up on the myth list is that natural hair doesn’t grow, point blank period. This may primarily be because natural hair tends to be in tight curls or coils, creating the appearance that it doesn’t grow at all or at least doesn’t grow very fast. If you want to show off some length in your hair, maybe consider straightening it for a night out on the town or to visit friends and family.

Finally, we have the belief that the more expensive the hair product is, the better it is. While expensive products can be nice, they can also be totally useless and even damaging if they aren’t formulated properly. Check the ingredients on the back of the bottle before you even consider spend large amounts on shampoo, conditioner, or even styling crème.

It’s important to stay aware and stay educated when shopping for your hair care. However, many people can fall for these myths from time to time as some can seem helpful or even outwardly true.

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