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Beautycounter Launches The Clean Deo, Its First Natural Deodorant | Exclusive

The new launch was also formulated without any ingredients from Beautycounter’s 1,800-entry long “never list,” which includes synthetic fragrance. Instead, the deo relies on essential oils, such as geranium and pink peppercorn, as well as aromatic natural materials, like raspberry ketone and vanillin, to give underarms a pleasant scent. 

Instead of hiding fragrance under a “natural fragrance” catchall, though, the brand fully discloses every ingredient that goes into scent creation down to the components of the essential oils, including citral, citronellol, limonene, geraniol, and linalool — which is what made it possible for Ginger King, a cosmetic chemist unaffiliated with the brand, to review all three scents’ ingredient lists for Allure. 

One major note she had: “In fragrance, it’s very hard to eliminate linalool, a common allergen [that occurs naturally in many flowers],” King explains. If you happen to be allergic to linalool, the coconut scent is your best bet, and avoid rose and lavender. Still, she confirms the ingredient lists are, in fact, clean as Beautycounter says they are. 

I tested Clean Deo for two weeks, which just so happened to coincide with my 14-day free trial of an online workout platform — and as a result, my two sweatiest weeks of the year. It was my first time doing cardio, like jumping jacks and mountain climbers, and lifting anything heavier than a hardcover novel after a long break. Clean Deo kept my newfound dripping sweat in check — even my right armpit, which, for whatever reason, is way sweatier than my left (anyone else?). 

I tested the rose and coconut editions. Both are uncomplicated scents that live up to their names. The rose scent had a stronger smell that lasted throughout the day, while the coconut scent seemed to disappear more quickly. Both neutralized body odor, according to me… and the partner I made smell me. 

When swapping antiperspirant for natural deodorant once and for all, you may notice you’re sweating more than usual. However, as board-certified dermatologist Alyx Cali Rosen previously told Allure, “switching to a natural deodorant doesn’t cause excess sweat.” Perhaps for the first time in a while, your body is going back to producing its normal amount of sweat. This period won’t last forever — just until your body gets used to the natural formulas. (It took my body about a week to readjust when I first switched over to natural deodorant.)

The Clean Deo, in summation, is sustainable, recyclable, and leaves you smelling like roses (or lavender, or coconut). Check, check, and check. You can shop it for $18 to $28 on now.

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