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Beautyblender’s Zodiac Collection Has a Sponge for Every Sign — Exclusive

When thinking about Beautyblender, most people think of its signature hot pink egg. However, the beauty brand has released countless limited-editions of its iconic sponge. Over the years, you could find the squishy makeup tool in neutral hues, color-shifting varieties, and even a groovy tie-dyed edition. And that’s just the shortlist. The latest addition to the Beautyblender lineup is all about astrology. Allow us to introduce you to the new Beautyblender Zodiac collection. 

As a beauty editor, my makeup routine changes more often than Kylie Jenner switches her hair, but a few products are forever staples in my makeup bag, like a Beautyblender. I have always sworn by the infamous sponge since I was about 16 years old and started wearing makeup, and it has never let me down. When I first found out a Zodiac version of it is on its way, I was ecstatic. As a Libra, I love not only love pretty things, but I also love pretty things that are as personalized as they can get. They just feel more special, you know?

The material of the Beautyblender Zodiac itself is no different than the original. Both are composed of the same water-activated, skin-mimicking material that perfectly pairs with foundations, BB creams, powders, and concealers. You can wield it the same way, too: just wet it, squeeze it, and blend product onto your face like a dream. The only difference is the new horoscope-inspired sponge comes in 12 different versions. Each is engraved with a symbol for a star sign. 

My Libra Beautyblender in all its glory 

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