Beauty YouTuber Desi Perkins Launches Dezi Skin Claro Que C Vitamin C Glow Serum | Review, Interview

Imagine going on a fertility journey, having a baby, and launching your own brand in the midst of a pandemic. Sounds stressful, right? Well, that’s exactly what beauty YouTuber and social media sensation Desi Perkins did.

In late 2020, Perkins and her husband decided to take a long and emotional fertility journey, all while planning to drop her brand, Dezi, as the entire world was going through a pandemic. “It was a lot,” she tells Allure. “I literally had just given birth to my son, Ocean, and 10 minutes later, my husband Steven looked at me while he was on Zoom with the team and asks, ‘Are you ready to launch?’ It all happened so fast, but it was so magical.” 

Perkins launched her brand with sunglasses in a bunch of different styles and hues, but she had more planned. And as a Desi stan, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really anticipating skin care from the influencer. And my instincts were right because Dezi Skin is finally here, and it’s all starting with her first launch: Claro Que C Vitamin C Glow Serum.

“To be honest, I always had the plan to launch skin care, but because of my collaborations with sunglass brands in the past, I really knew what I was doing with eyewear,” she says. “The skin care has been in the making; it just took two years to come to life.” 

Perkins decided to kick off her new brand with a vitamin C serum because dark spots are something she’s been dealing with for a while. “Let’s be real — we’re all guilty of popping pimples,” she says. “And when I decide to pick at one, I’ll have a dark spot for days, so I really wanted to create a formula that will help that hyperpigmentation.”

Dezi Skin Claro Que C Vitamin C Glow Serum

The formula obviously features vitamin C to brighten and balance out unevenness in the skin, but it’s not just any vitamin C. Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and ethyl ascorbic acid, according to cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, are more potent forms of vitamin C that will encourage extra brightness and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles

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