Take a look at these deals from My Patriot Supply

Huzzah! we found a number of great products. There are several items in My Patriot Supply worth featuring today, so let ‘s get moving asap!

The first item we have is:

Whole Egg Powder (72 servings)


Never run out of eggs again! 

Ready Hour Whole Egg Powder adds approximately 72 eggs to your emergency food supply. Great for making omelets, french toast, bread, muffins, cookies, cakes and more. Store it up for an emergency, or use it every day.

 Suggested uses for Whole Egg Powder:

  • Prepare with Ready Hour Buttermilk Pancakes for a protein/carb punch in the morning.
  • Use in baking to replace eggs.
  • They can assist in the breading process.
  • Makes a quick, protein packed breakfast.
  • Use as a binding agent in meatballs and meatloaf.

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The second product on the list today is Alexapure Home Under Counter Water Filtration System 🤓

Passionately Innovated. Pioneered for Perfection.TM
Safer, Cleaner Water – Straight From Your Tap

The Alexapure® Home Under Counter Water Filtration System reduces up to 99.9% of 200+ contaminants with the same revolutionary water purification you have come to expect from Alexapure.

Lead. Chromium. Mercury. Heavy Metals. Pesticides. Volatile Organic Compounds. And so much more! Reduce them from your drinking water. 

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