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Ari Lennox’s Bare-Bones Beauty Routine Is Working for Her

Lennox, who has performed in her fair share of entertainment venues over the years, also stresses a greater human element. Keeping these places in business is not just good for the folks that work there — it’s also important to the rest of us in eventually getting back to normal post-pandemic. “It’s important for people to gather. It’s very therapeutic to listen to your favorite artist or to dance to your favorite song,” she muses. “And then also for artists to get on that stage and pay homage to the legends that came before them that did their thing on that stage. A lot of these venues [we’re trying to help] have such legendary history.”

Lennox, like the rest of us, is definitely missing that aspect of pre-COVID life. “I need that inspiration so that I can come up with some dope songs.” 

In the meantime, while these venues are closed, Lennox is focused on taking care of herself. That includes decorating her new home, hanging out with her dog, and, it turns out, keeping her beauty routine pretty chill. Those gorgeous trademark curls? Turns out they don’t need much manipulating. And as much as we love an elaborate beauty routine, Lennox makes the case for keeping it as pared back as possible. 

ALLURE: Besides being an amazing musician, you’ve also given us some major curl inspo. What are some of your favorite products to use on wash day?

ARI LENNOX: Just a natural soap. Any type of natural soap, I’ll use for my scalp. I use natural shampoo, something that’s paraben-free, free of toxins and chemicals. Afterward, I [use] just shea butter, really. Shea butter and a favorite oil of mine, whether it’s grapeseed oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. It’s relatively simple — I wash it whenever I feel like it needs to be washed, about every two weeks or sooner.

ALLURE: Do you use curl enhancers ever?

AL: Sometimes. Only if I’m trying to style it and get it in a bun, get the curls to listen. I’ll use some, but usually, I’m just too lazy. I’ll just let my curls just be free, for real.

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