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Are There Benefits to Vegan Haircare?

By Jenna Brooks

With Lush recently announcing a new line of vegan haircare products for curly, afro hair, it’s definitely time to explore whether or not vegan haircare produces real benefits for your hair. The trend of natural, vegan products has definitely been on the rise in recent years, with many concerned about what exactly is doing into their products, so it’s time to explore the potential benefits or cons to trying out vegan haircare. 

Upon further research and exploration, the choice between vegan and non-vegan hair products is definitely down to a matter of preference. However, there are certain benefits in choosing vegan haircare, depending on your type of hair and sensitivity level. Due to the fact that vegan products tend to be more natural, containing all sorts of different ingredients like plants and waxes, they tend to be less irritating to the scalp if your scalp tends to grow itchy or flaky during your routine. Ingredients such as aloe and marshmallow root tend to contain vitamins and minerals that work to protect your hair while soothing your scalp from any previous damage or irritation. Vegan products tend to use less chemicals and preservatives, giving your hair a natural protection, rather than potential further damage.

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Moreover, vegan products, while also being environmentally friendly, are loaded with natural minerals and oils. There are known for providing moisturization, important all year long, and known for protecting your hair follicles, rather than strip them down like many regular hair products can do. Vegan hair care brands and products work to only include ingredients in their products that are absolutely necessary, excluding ingredients that could also potentially irritate your skin and eyes, and even cause hair loss. Additionally, these products tend to be hypoallergenic, avoiding containing products that can produce high levels of irritation and allergic reactions. 

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Choosing vegan products is not necessarily for everyone, depending on your hair type and needs. However, it is definitely an option to consider with environmentally friendly packaging and an anti-animal testing position. 

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