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Ami Colé Is the Cosmetics Brand for Deep Skin Tones I’ve Been Waiting For — Review

You know those moments when your lips are super dry, and you check to see if you have any lip balm on you, but all you can find is gloss? You put it on anyway because you know if you don’t, you’ll be licking your lips constantly — even though you’re well aware that the gloss is going to do diddly squat to actually moisturize your lips. That isn’t an issue with the lip treatment.

Jihan Forbes wearing Ami Colé products on her face.

Courtesy Jihan Forbes

The Lip Treatment Oil ($20) has the consistency of a lip gloss, but get this — it actually moisturizes your lips, thanks to the addition of baobab and camelia seed oils. I actually wound up in that exact situation — on a date no less — and I found that after a few minutes of applying the oil, my lips didn’t feel as dry, plus they had a nice little wash of color. The lip oil comes in a kind of ruddy-brownish hue, which on the lips reminds me a little bit of Fenty Beauty’s Hot Chocolit, but without the shimmer. It’s a nice everyday hue, and it’s also quite nice to have a glossy product that does the job of moisturizing my lips. It stayed put through drinks, but I had to reapply after scarfing down some fish tacos, which is to be expected.

The third product, the Light-Catching Highlighter ($22), adds a glow to your cheeks without a ton of color. It’s a solid stick, and when you look at it, you can see little gold flecks trapped in a clear wax. This gives a beautiful, natural glow to your skin — it makes you look as if you just put on a moisturizer. I rubbed my finger over the product then tapped it onto my cheeks to apply. It does what it says it does: delivers a very lit-from-within vibe but doesn’t look greasy on the skin.

Overall, I’m a fan of Ami Colé. As much as I love makeup, I’ve never been a contour-powder-bake kind of girl. There aren’t very many cosmetics brands aimed at darker-skinned women that embrace a minimalist base, but this one does a beautiful job of that. If you’re more of a full-coverage kind of person, this may not be your bag, though I would suggest trying the skin tint — maybe just to run errands for a few hours. 

You can shop the Ami Colé products, which retail for $20 to $32, at now and at Thirteen Lune, beginning June 1.

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