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Acure Ultra Hydrating 12-Hour Facial Moisturizer Is a Winner for Dry Skin | Review

My skin is combination with some dryness around my mouth and oily everywhere else. Plus, I get hormonal breakouts, so any moisturizer that claims 12 hours of moisture seems like it would make my pimples worse.  Not so with Acure’s Ultra Hydrating 12-Hour Facial Moisturizer

I decided to try the Acure moisturizer in two phases, during the day and overnight. After deep cleaning my face in the morning with a blemish-focused face wash, Pixi’s Clarity Cleanser, I applied the Acure cream — forgoing any serums or even a toner beforehand. The moisturizer isn’t heavy or thick, it actually squeezes out of the tube in a whipped texture. It felt a bit sticky at first, but that dissipated as I rubbed it in. After about an hour it had sunken in completely, with no greasiness or shine leftover. And as the day progressed, it never felt like I needed to reapply. 

I also tried the cream at night. Only in my dreams would I be asleep for 12 hours, but I wanted to see how my skin felt in the morning. After nine hours in bed, my skin definitely still felt hydrated, which is a bonus since my air conditioner and fan combo tends to leave my skin feeling parched. 

This Acure hydrator lives up to its hydration claims. I’m typically a face serum paired with face oil devotee, but this on it’s own definitely exceeded my moisturizing expectations. 

You’ll find the Acure Ultra Hydrating 12-Hour Facial Moisturizer in our November 2020 Allure Beauty Box. 


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