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5 Benefits of Nutrition Coaching with a Registered Dietitian

Nutrition coaching with a registered dietitian gives you the individualized guidance, support, and expertise you need to reach your after health and wellness goals.

Are you struggling to maintain a well-nourished weight for you? Do you find yourself constantly battling over your food choices? Do you have a health condition that requires a modified diet?

If you said yes to any of the above-listed questions, these are a few of the situations where you want to consider hiring a dietitian.

Nutrition is an integral part of each and every one of our lives. From the way we think about food to the food choices we make and how they impact our bodies, nutrition has a hand in it all.

Here we’ll walk you through what nutrition coaching entails in addition to how you can significantly benefit from it. If after reading this, you realize that nutrition coaching is something you’d like to explore more, we offer that here at Nutrition Stripped, and you can book a free exploration call to learn more about what it would look like for your unique needs!

What Makes Nutrition Coaching Special

So what exactly happens when you decide to work with a registered dietitian?

Think about that one nutrition-related goal you have, the one you’ve tried to achieve time and time again on your own. Got it?

Now, think about all of those countless Google searches you’ve done and plans you’ve downloaded to help you achieve it. Did they work? Chances are you made a little headway, but you were ultimately unsuccessful.

The reason here is due to the lack of customization and individuality.

What Nutrition Coaching Looks Like

Nutrition coaching with a registered dietitian is all about customization and individuality.

Before even meeting with your dietitian, you will have provided them with a plethora of information about yourself. You’ll provide your likes, dislikes, habits and tendencies.

From your medical history to your favorite foods as well as your past experience with supplements, diets and even some background on your mental health – your dietitian will have information on it all.

During that first meeting, you’re able to further explain this information in detail and walk through your pain points so they fully understand. Once the information gathering is done, it’s time to get to the fun stuff! Your dietitian will be able to give you individualized education, recommendations, goals and action steps that you’ll be able to apply to your life as soon as your meeting is over.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all plans you can find on the internet, it doesn’t end there. After testing out these initial action steps and goals, depending on how things went, your dietitian will be able to further provide guidance and support to ensure things are working well for you.

Each and every person’s journey with food and nutrition is different. Therefore, the way we address people’s journeys needs to be different as well.

Why Nutrition Coaching with a Registered Dietitian Works so Well

So what happens when we work with a Registered Dietitian? What are the real benefits?

Individualized Nutrition Recommendations

Your body’s nutritional requirements are different from your friends’, coworkers’, and even your family members’ nutritional requirements. What works well for them will not necessarily work well for you.

A dietitian is able to take a look at the big picture through nutrition coaching and subsequently give you personalized nutrition recommendations. Your goals, lifestyle habits, physical makeup, and medical history all need to be considered here.

Traditional plans, programs, and diets aren’t able to give you this individualized approach. They leave you feeling stressed out and confused after trying to adapt your lifestyle to fit their requirements when in reality it should be the opposite.

External & Internal Accountability

Accountability is one of the most important pieces of the lifestyle change puzzle.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met with a client that has tried time and time again to make a change on their own, but simply felt as though their actions were never in line with their intentions. This is where accountability comes in.

When you participate in nutrition coaching with a registered dietitian, you’re automatically receiving external accountability. You have a partner to work with and report to that will help support you the whole way through.

You’re also able to determine exactly how to develop and strengthen your internal accountability. That way, long after your nutrition coaching has ended, you’re able to maintain your new habits and sustain your healthy lifestyle.

Human Connection

Making a lifestyle change of any kind is difficult. There’s no way around it. It’s particularly difficult when we feel like we’re doing it on our own.

Talking to friends and family members can certainly be helpful, but they aren’t able to fully understand your situation and empathize with your struggles during those quick venting sessions.

Your registered dietitian is your outlet, your go-to person that will understand where you’re coming from, interpret your struggles and respond with empathy and support.

Customized Learning Style

Think about it, everyone learns differently. So why do we all use the exact same plans and diets to learn about how we should adjust our eating and lifestyle habits?

Some of us are visual learners, others are auditory while some are kinesthetic. There are even some additional variations within those three categories as well! Depending on which learning style works best for you, the way in which you approach a lifestyle change will need to mirror that in some way.

Your dietitian will be able to determine which approach will work best for you after discussing your past success, failures and tendencies. Nutrition coaching gives you the opportunity to learn in a way that is suitable to you and your needs.

Nutrition Expertise

When you’re working with a registered dietitian, you’re working with a nutrition expert.

You’re not getting advice from an avid nutrition follower, physical trainer or “healthy” friend, you’re getting advice from someone who is educated and trained to disseminate nutrition knowledge.

This means you can confidently follow the recommendations given to you knowing that they’re both science and evidence-based rather than simply from personal experience.

Would you ever ask your friend how to treat kidney disease? Or what physical therapy you should do for your shoulder injury? Of course not. So why would you ask them for nutrition information?

Start Nutrition Coaching with a Registered Dietitian

If you’re thinking about starting nutrition coaching, you can sign up for a free 10 minute Discovery Call with one of our registered dietitians.

We’ll walk through your goals as well as your past experiences with food and nutrition to answer all of your questions and determine whether or not we’re the right fit for you.

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