21 Gift Ideas for Dad for Holidays 2020 — Christmas Presents for Dads

Oh, dads. We love them, but we hate shopping for them. Is it us, or do dads seem to already have everything they want? It’s hard — we know. But even your father, who can be nearly impossible to check off on your shopping list, deserves something new that will make him smile. And Allure is here to make the shopping experience a little less stressful. 

Here, we rounded up 21 of the best gifts that your old man will love and appreciate more than golf clubs or a fishing trip. Whether dad is a skin-care enthusiast (enter, the Kiehl’s Hydration Starter Kit), is the handyman of the house (and could really use a Magnetic Tool Wristband), or loves to work out (a pair of Sony headphones or a self-cleaning water bottle just scream his name), we have you covered with both big gifts and little presents that are perfect for stocking stuffers

Enjoy scrolling through this gift guide — we’re so confident in these presents, they might even make you the favorite child.

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