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21 CBD Products That Will Elevate Your Beauty Routine But Won’t Get You High

There’s a cannabis renaissance happening in the beauty world, and people are becoming acquainted with the lesser-known effects of the marijuana plant. Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids, compounds that interact with the body’s internal endocannabinoid system, and the one everyone’s so obsessed with right now is CBD (short for cannabidiol). 

Some research suggests that CBD may help reduce anxiety and pain. What it won’t do is get you high. To some cannabis enthusiasts, that might sound like a bummer, but the fact that it doesn’t get you stoned is one reason CBD is so popular. It gives people an opportunity to experience the potential benefits of the cannabis plant without the psychotropic effects.

“CBD has some data [supporting] anti-inflammation for skin, and it could be calming for the scalp,” cosmetic chemist Ginger King tells Allure. That said, when it comes to extensive beauty-related research, “there are no major clinical studies done. Most of the benefits related to CBD are mainly by ingestion rather than topical application.” That hasn’t stopped skin-care, hair-care, and makeup brands from dropping it in nearly every imaginable type of topical product, and fans swear it makes a noticeable difference.

Want to see what CBD may do for your hair and skin? Here are our top picks for ways to incorporate cannabidiol into your beauty routine.

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