18 Holiday Gifts for the World’s Best Grandma

As much as they love them, the holidays can be quite a trying time for grandmothers. If they’re not in a near-constant state of baking or decorating, they’re shopping for the perfect gifts for their beloved grandkids, all the while doing their best to dodge the higher statistical likelihood of being run over by a reindeer. And this year is more stressful than ever; with so many families planning to celebrate at a digital distance, the get-togethers grandma looks forward to so much may look distressingly different.

It’s for this reason — and all the others she’s given you throughout your life — that if there’s anyone who deserves a really lovely holiday present this year, it’s grandma. We’ve rounded up 18 options that we know will get and keep her spirits up. 

And of course, because there’s no one cookie-cutter grandmother (some grandmothers don’t even own a cookie cutter), our picks run the gamut. You’ll find the best gifts for grandma that make her life a little more comfortable, her skin a little glowier, and her style — and even her body temperature — a little cooler.

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