18 Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

This autumn, we’re serving you new color palettes and updated ways to wear your fall makeup looks. Whether you’re a matte master or gloss goddess, we have looks to satisfy your creative craving.

Are you ready for your fill of fresh fall makeup ideas? Then settle down with your pumpkin spice latte and continue scrolling!

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Fall Makeup Looks You’re Sure to Fall for This AW 2020

1. Very Violet Eyeshadow

This season, we’re reaching for invigorating purple pigments for fall makeup looks. Paint your lids purple and keep it from falling flat by swiping on some cool metallics on your corners and brow bone. Make it edgy with liner on your lower lash or romantic with a tightline and some wispy lashes.

2. Fall Graphic Eyeliner Makeup Looks

woman with green eyeliner and colorful nails | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Liquid liners expire after six months, but graphic liner looks are still in vogue and in demand this season! Skip the eyeshadow and create an entire fall eye makeup look with just your favorite liquid eyeliner.

Black eyeliner matches all eye colors, but beauties with caramel flecks in their eyes will do well to use a brown liner instead. Make sure the shape and tilt of your graphic liner accentuate the shape of your eyes. Makeup is meant to enhance our best features after all, and that goes double for the windows to our soul.

Want to make it fun? try a green liner!

3. Emerald Eyes

beautiful young girl bright make straight | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

It wouldn’t be fall without makeup looks inspired by rich jewel tones, and we’re taking cues from emerald and olive green hues this season. This bold and elegant color can stand alone and carry an entire eye makeup look, but also plays well with other rich hues and shades.

Tip: Combine number one and three fall makeup looks to create a modern mermaid look with this eyeshadow palette!

4. Terracotta Eyeshadow

outdoor-close-fashion-portrait-young-beautiful | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

This terracotta fall makeup look is perfect for beauties with green or hazel eyes. Apply this above and below the lash line for an ethereal look inspired by earth tones. Lay down the eyeliner and finish off with feathery lashes. Brush your eyebrows upward and lock it in place with a clear eyebrow gel, and call it a day.

5. Fall Hot Pink Makeup Look

woman in hot pink makeup | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Who said autumn can’t be as hot and fiery as summer? Cop this hot pink eye makeup look. Make your cheeks flush by applying a hot pink shade on them. Don’t forget to swipe on some hot pink lipstick. We’re bringing the heat this autumn.

Dip your brow brush in your hot pink eyeshadow and fill in your brows. Too daring? Tone down the color by keeping your brows and jewelry natural – clear eyebrow gel and small stones will decrease the temp of a hot look.

6. High Shine Lip Gloss

photo-of-topless-woman | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Catch the sunlight that peeks through the autumn sky with a shimmery gloss. Amp up eye makeup looks with matte hues or earth toned color palettes by finishing off with glassy glosses. Whether you wear it sopping wet or glitzy and glittery is up to you, you’ll cop the glamorous fall makeup look either way.

7. Swipe White

portrait-of-a-woman-with-graphic-eye-makeup | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

We’re still swiping right on white graphic liners this season! If you’re not ready for modern and graphic looks, go for a white cat eye with feathery lashes and brows. Number six will keep it fabulous, glamorous, and red carpet ready.

8. Neon Liner

close-up-photo-of-woman-with-pink-eyeshadow | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Bored with numbers two and seven? Elevate tired makeup looks with tried and tested color palettes – neons are here to stay. Use them alone or with your eyeshadow for an editorial look, we’re loving it either way.

9. Don’t Cut Corners

outdoors-portrait-beautiful-teen-girl-smelling | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Hit pan on the shades on the upper left corner of your eyeshadow palette? Exchange your white shimmery and champagne colors with neons for your corner shades. It’s a more striking and modern way to bring a pop of color and dimension into your eye makeup.

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10. Fall Bronze Babe Makeup Look

attractive-beautiful-beautiful-girl-beauty | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Let’s extend that beach tan into the fall with a bronzed makeup look. Focus on contour and dimension in this beach babe, fall femme fatale look. Apply a tinted moisturizer with a clean stippling brush and use your contour powder for your bronzing, contouring, and eye look.

Don’t let this gorgeous makeup look fall flat, play with a highlighter and a shimmery gloss too.

11. Lower Lash Shadows

woman-in-v-neck-trumpet-sleeved-dress | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Who said eyeshadow is just for the lids? Focus on defining your lower lash line with a bold eyeshadow color. This fall makeup look is perfect for beauties with upturned or natural cat eyes.

If you have deep-set eyes and very dark circles, prime your eyes with a color corrector to neutralize the darkness. You don’t want the deep shade of your eyeshadow to emphasize your dark circles.

12. Wing It

young-woman-with-an-afro-and-winged-eyeliner | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Out of eyeliner? Wing it. Paint your entire eyelid and extend your eyeshadow to fashion a cat-eye.

13. Fall Steely Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Look

beautiful-young-girl-bright-make-straight | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Here’s another color palette we are falling in love with this season other than jewel tones and earthy shades. Silvery and steely blue to capture the chill autumn breeze, done in a smoky look to maintain an air of mystery. This fall makeup look is great for beauties with blue or gray eyes!

14. Leave It on Red

beautiful-young-girl-bright-make-straight | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Transition from the summer sunset to the crisp autumn leaves with a red makeup look. Don on this romantic monochromatic look perfect for cuddle weather and accentuating plump lips and captivating eyes. Amp up the red pigments by using an eye primer, this will also lock in the color and reduce fallout.

Tip: Red pigments often stain your skin even after using makeup remover, making true red shadows quite rare.

15. Perfect Pout

beautiful-afro-american-girl | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Fashion and makeup are cyclical and this nod to the ’90s is due for a comeback. Cop larger and fuller lips with lined lips this AW 2020. Choose a lip liner shade darker than your lipstick for it to stand out, this look goes best with nude to brown shades.

16. Vampy Lips

girl-in-sunglasses-and-dark-lipstick | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

Fall makeup looks take a gothic turn with the return of dark, vampy lips. Play with color with your vampy lips – a monochromatic makeup look to soften the lip look, or go all out dark with smokey eyes. Avoid bleeding lipstick common to red and dark lip shades by applying a lip liner all over your lips.

Tip: Made a mistake with your lipstick? Correct with a concealer brush and foundation! You can also apply foundation over your lips to achieve the true lip color.

17. Matte Pucker

beautiful-blonde-woman-in-a-coat | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

I’m still mad about mattes and I’m glad the fall season is too! Because they focus on a single color, matte lipsticks look best with monochromatic looks. It’s an easy, breezy look that anyone can perfect.

Tip: Matte lipsticks commonly have dry formula, so swipe on some chapstick with SPF before applying your lip color. This will hydrate your lips and keep them safe from cold burns and chapping.

18. Fall Misty Eye Makeup Look

beauty-portrait-of-young-pretty-woman-with-fashion-make-up | Glamorous Fall Makeup Looks To Look Forward To

The fog and smoke have cleared, leaving us with a demure, subtly smoked out eye look. Choose a matte shade and a shimmery one, then blend outward. Paint on some color beneath your lash line to really bring out the misty eye makeup look.

If you’re not sure how to achieve the look, focus on monochromatic shades with similar undertones. This look is still about creating dimension in your eyes, but works less to create depth especially in the crease. Veer away from dark shades since we are not doing smokey eyes.

Check out Stephanie’s fall makeup tutorial:

Fashion and makeup are ever-changing with exciting updates at the turn of every season. Stick to what works for you, or rekindle your passion for makeup with these rousing new fall makeup ideas! Whichever makeup look you’re subscribing to, make sure to wear it with confidence.

So which fall makeup look are we starting with? Did number eight inspire you? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments section below.


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