18 Face Mask Chains and Necklaces for Pretty and Practical PPE

If you find yourself unsure of which color choice you’re feeling for the day, the Miami Mask Chains Royal Knight Blue Face Mask Chain makes the decision a little easier. On one side it’s a cobalt blue and black tortoise pattern and the other half is black and white. The ring clasps are a little wider so attaching it onto any style of face mask is easy. The Fullgren Mask Chain has a similar look, but in a sleek and solid black that matches with just about any mask you pair it with.

The Dear Soho Etsy shop has a chain collection that, at first glance, can be confused with a high-end necklace. You can choose between two different diameters of chain links (one inch or 3/8 of an inch) depending on how chunky and how much of a statement you want to make. 

Gold-Tone Face Mask Chains

Happi Box Shop Rose Gold Chain Face Mask Holder

1928 Jewelry Classy Link Face Mask Chain Holder

Billie Simone Gemini Mask Chain


Billie Simone Jewelry

Chico’s Convertible Gold-Tone and Faux-Pearl Mask Necklace

If the look of fine jewelry fits your fancy, then both the Happi Box Etsy Shop and 1928 Jewelry are the way to go. The delicate rose gold finish on the Happi Box chain is understated, but still dresses up a plain N95 mask. The 1928 Jewelry Classy Link Face Mask Chain Holder is a little heftier and has a richer gold tone, which gives it the feeling of an antique heirloom. 

Billie Simone’s Gemini Mask Chain is certainly an investment piece, but the gold-filled links will hold up over time. At 30 inches, Chico’s Convertible Gold-Tone and Faux-Pearl Mask Necklace is significantly longer than other options, so it drapes a lot more visibly off of your mask. 

Lanyard Face Mask Chains

Diamond Hawk Face Mask Holder

Tinker Crafts Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard

Stick with a classic, durable lanyard if your mask-wearing involves any athletic activity, grocery store runs, or anything else where you may be tugging it on and off with any bit of frequency. The Diamond Hawk Face Mask Holder is long, coming in at 16 inches, can be adjusted to fit both adults and kids and comes in a pack of six. The Etsy shop Tinker Crafts also has an Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard that’s thinner and made of lightweight fabric that comes in 20 vibrant colors. 

Beaded Face Mask Chains

Serendipitous Project Marie Face Mask

Zany Chains Rainbow Surprise

Aaryah Amal Beaded Mask Chain

These beaded chains will give you a reason to go out — even if it’s just for a quick, socially-distanced dinner that you didn’t have to cook yourself. With details like freshwater pearls and colorful stones, these picks from Serendipitous Project, Zany Chains, and Aaryah are all designed with varying personal style preferences in mind. The Serendipitous Project Marie Mask uses real pearls and the lace mask that’s pictured comes with it. Zany Chains’ Rainbow Surprise has an unexpected hint of vibrancy that’ll peek out from under your hair. And Aaryah’s colorful Amal Beaded Mask Chain combines a mix of rose quartz, lapis lazuli, and clear quartz, and comes in two sizes. 

Embellished Face Mask Chains

Roxanne Assoulin Daisy Mask Chain

The WHBM Convertible Mask Necklace


White House Black Market

Azazie Convertible Face Mask Necklace Chain

A happy middle ground between the chunky and more straightforward chain options are these choices that weave in embellishments like the tiny daisies on the Roxanne Assoulin Daisy Mask Chain. Choose from either blue or black beads that rest in between the floral accents. There’s also the WHBM Convertible Mask Necklace that blends a silver chain, with black ribbon, and faux pearl beads. The Azazie Convertible Face Mask Necklace Chain combines both silver- and gold-toned metals with blingy rhinestone accents. 

Here are more ways to adjust to and personalize your new essentials:

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