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15 Emotional Drains That Trigger Negativity


There are many emotional drains in life that can trigger negativity. These drains can be related to work, lifestyle problems, or personality traits.

No matter the cause, these emotional drains can wreak havoc in your life if you let them. It can affect all aspects of your life, including your professional life, your relationships, and your general well-being.

It could lead to loss of motivation and constant fatigue, and there will be no signs of relief. Before getting to this point, it is important to find out what causes the emotional drain.

15 emotional drains that can trigger negativity

Are you feeling too pressured by life? Avoid these fifteen things. They can hamper your ability to be optimistic, which research proves it can reduce your physical and mental well-being.

1. High pressure work or heavy workload

Medical professionals, law enforcement, and teachers tend to have high-pressure jobs. Other careers can also be high pressure, but it usually depends on your workplace.

Having a heavy workload also contributes to emotional drain, and that could also include school work. Working long hours without time to relax or socialize can quickly lead to problems.

When you are required to constantly be involved with your job, coworkers, or bosses, it can lead to burnout. It will make you feel like work is never done and you can never have downtime. While this can sometimes be unavoidable, you must have time to rest and recover.

2. Feeling that you have no control over your life

Autonomy is necessary for humans because it allows us to feel in charge. However, when you don’t have the autonomy, it can cause emotional stress.

This could happen when you don’t have the resources to get things done because you feel that doing it is impossible. Another time this could happen is when you feel like you have no say in decisions.

You may feel this way in the work environment if your boss calls at all hours, even on your days off. It will make you feel like you are always on call and cannot lead a life outside of work. This makes you feel out of control because you have nothing to say in your life.

Another example of experiencing this in the workplace is the constant shifting of priorities. It will leave you feeling that you will never be able to get ahead, leading to severe burnout.

3. Disregard your work or not be recognized

There can be many reasons why you hate your job. Sometimes it is as easy to identify as it is not to be recognized for your hard work. Other times, it can be a bit more difficult to understand.

Think about the type of work you are doing. If it’s monotonous or too easy, consider whether any of those things are the problem. Sometimes you need to challenge yourself and try new things to avoid emotional exhaustion.

When you don’t feel recognized or as if your job doesn’t challenge you enough, consider your options. You could ask for a promotion or a raise, or maybe even an extra vacation. Find out what would make your work worthwhile and then ask for it.

Other reasons why you may look down on your job may include the following:

-unfair treatment of employees

-don’t say in your schedule or workload

-unclear or unclear expectations

-constant chaos

-Bad attitudes from co-workers and superiors

-micromanagement from your boss

4. Have a baby or raise children

Both mother and father can experience burnout due to parenthood or having a new baby. There are different types of burnout parents can experience, including emotional and physical burnout, frustration, or defeat. Additionally, parents may experience a mixture of those emotions, making the situation worse.

Once you find out what types of emotional drainage you are experiencing, you will be able to control them. Then you can come up with a plan to ease the situation instead of letting it get more negative.

5. Financial problems or possible homelessness

Anyone would feel emotionally drained if faced with homelessness. However, any financial problem can cause emotional drain. It can cause a loss of hope for the future, which will lead to unnecessary expenses, making the situation worse.

Also, calling companies to deal with late payments can cause a great deal of stress. This leads to avoiding calls, which increases your financial problems. Creating a budget can be stressful, but doing so can help with your emotional strain.

Buying things that you can’t afford or make yourself feel better with retail therapy can also cause burnout. It will slow you down even more in the future, and those fixes aren’t that easy to handle.

Getting ahead of your finances and avoiding overspending can reverse these emotional drains. Then, you will not have this negativity in your life and you can look to a better future.

6. Caring for a loved one

When you are caring for a loved one, it will be difficult in all respects. Caregivers are often emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. This can lead to a negative attitude, which is harmful to you and the person you care for.

Caregiver burnout usually occurs when there is no one else who can help. Also, if you are providing more physical or financial help than you can handle, it will cause emotional distress. If the situation does not improve, it can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

7. Going through a divorce or other life-disrupting event

Divorce and other upsetting events like death often have the same emotional repercussions. The processes tend to be lengthy and require a lot of attention.

It is important to find something that takes your mind off the situation for a while in both situations. If you don’t, it will trigger negativity and the situation will become even more difficult.

Here are the signed ones that your partner is an emotional vampire.

8. Suffering from a chronic illness

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness it can be both a positive and a negative event. It is positive in the sense that you now have answers and can begin to understand your situation. On the other hand, it is negative because now you have to accept the situation.

Acceptance can be difficult and is a time consuming process. You may experience anger, denial, depression, isolation, and pain during it. At times, hopelessness and a feeling of being out of control will follow.

Suffering from a chronic illness means that your life changes completely, so it is understandable that you feel emotionally drained. However, you have to find a way to overcome it to minimize negativity.

9. How to deal with injuries that interfere with your normal life

When you are used to living your life in a certain way, an injury can be devastating. It can force you to take a break from your work and spend time resting and recovering. For some people, this is emotionally draining.

While you rest, you will have more time to think and get bored or fidgety. After a while, it can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, and lowered self-esteem. Another common emotional drain is that you may feel hopeless and that you will never fully recover.

10. Lack of balance between home and work

As explained above, your work life can be a huge source of mental exhaustion and burnout. However, all of those reasons were different because they were only related to work. Lacking balance between your home and work life can be a difficult source of negativity that is important to address.

You have to turn off work mode at the end of the day and focus on your home and personal life. If you can’t do this, you will bring the negativity of work home and affect your family and relationships.

Finding a way to quit your job at work (or at least your desk) will allow you to enjoy life. You will be able to bond with your family and work on your hobbies. Both are essential to living a full life.

11. Too many responsibilities without help

In all aspects of your life, you will feel emotionally drained if you take on too much. When you find that you have too much on your plate, you should ask for help. Otherwise, more negativity will build up and you won’t be able to do anything productively.

If you don’t ask for help, you feel the need to be in control and figure out how to change that mindset. You have to delegate tasks and ask for help, or the emotional impact will get worse.

12. Not having supportive relationships or people close to you

Personal relationships are important when it comes to your emotional well-being. Communicate with the people you care about and spend time with them. To build supportive relationships, you need to spend time together and build trust.

Make sure you take the time to do this. So your emotional drains can be reduced as you have something to look forward to. Knowing you have support can change your life, and it’s important if you want to live longer affirmatively.

13. Lack of sleep

Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep, your emotional well-being is seriously affected. It can cause irritability, stress, anxiety, and depression. Make sure you get enough sleep so it doesn’t lead to negativity.

14. Need for perfection

If you always strive for perfection, you will burn out emotionally. You will feel that nothing you do is good enough, which negative self-talk. Eventually, it will cause depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

15. Pessimistic thoughts

Having pessimistic or negative thoughts all the time can have a severe emotional impact on you. This will lead to increased negativity in all aspects of your life.

While you may think that pessimistic thoughts aren’t getting to you, that’s not the case. These thoughts will have a negative impact on your personal and professional life.

You may find that you are too pessimistic if you first look for the negatives in all situations. It can also be the feeling of helplessness and lack of hope for the future.

Final thoughts on the emotional drains that can trigger negativity

By avoiding these emotional drains that can trigger negativity, you can lead a more positive life. However, if you let the feelings continue, it could trigger negativity. Remember these emotional drains the next time you feel like you’re struggling. If you can identify what is wearing you down, you can better control it.


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