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12 New Halloween Beauty Launches: Spooky Makeup & Skin Care

Halloween lets you be whoever you want to be, and makeup and beauty products are magical tools that let you explore your shadow sides. Do you want to go as a terrifying monster? Fear not — there’s more than one eye shadow palette for that. Whether you’re going as a witch, a rock star, or a superhero, Halloween lets you explore and play with looks that may be outside of your everyday realm, such as black lipstick or fortune teller-inspired false eyelashes.

And don’t worry about smudging your sheets with shimmery eye shadows — in our roundup of Halloween beauty products, we’ve also included pumpkin-themed bubbles to wash the mess away, and body butter made by a real-live witch to hydrate skin. The best part? All of these products work year-round, not just when you’re dressed up like a superhero. (P.S. You’re a superhero every day, too).

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