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12 Behaviors That Reveal a Self-Absorbed Person


Do you have a self-absorbed person in your life? It can be a friend, a loved one, or a love interest. Suppose you just met this wonderful woman and started dating.

You have noticed that she spends a lot of her conversations talking about herself and all the things that she has accomplished. Every time she enters a place, she looks around to see who is looking at her. She is just waiting for someone to admire her appearance.

Perhaps you have met a man who seems to be a true charmer. The only problem is that every time you try to talk to him about your life and your problems, the conversation always comes back to him. You long for someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry on, but he’s so absorbed in himself that he can’t even consider your feelings.

Many people feel like they are interrupting a theatrical production when they are around someone self-absorbed. They feel like they are the supporting cast of the main character, which is a difficult show.

Understand a self-absorbed person

These people have massive egos and no one likes to be around them for long periods of time. They crave attention and always want others to praise them to pump their ego. Given a chance, this individual may exhaust you.

While this person wants a lot of praise and attention, they can’t see past themselves to give you those things in return. They are so consumed with themselves that they hardly notice anyone else.

It’s not that they don’t listen to you, it’s that they don’t know how to do it. These individuals lack of empathyBut they crave attention so much that it becomes the foundation of their self-esteem. Unfortunately, their actions make you feel unimportant.

Most people overlook these behaviors at first, but as time goes on, they realize that they are not as attractive or fun as they used to be. Some experts even classify the egocentric as a budding narcissist, and this journey is one you don’t want to go on as it brings nothing but pain and anguish.

Twelve behaviors of the self-centered person

If you are with a man or woman who you feel may be a bit self-centered, you may be looking for clues when you feel something is wrong. Do they have high self-esteem with a lot of confidence or are they narcissistic? These are the most common behaviors of the self-absorbed person.

1. Always taking selfies

Sure, selfies have become commonplace in today’s world, but this person takes it to the extreme. No matter where you go, they always see it as a photo opportunity.

It’s not even the pictures that bother you as much as the way they do it. They think that the whole world wants to see every move they make.

2. Listening is a problem

It seems that this person is not good at listening to others. You can talk to them for an hour and feel like you barely hear a word in the conversation. Every time you start a conversation that talks about your needs, you are always interrupted by a story of his accomplishments and his glamorous life.

3. Interrupt others

This person is not only a terrible listener, but will also interrupt others when they are speaking. They feel that what they have to say is much more important than the other person. Then they will cut off people to voice their opinions.

4. Unilateral relations

the selfish person they will expect you to drop whatever you are doing and run to them when they need it. However, don’t expect the same in return. They want people to tend to them when the world falls apart all over the place, but they’ll be too busy when it’s your turn to have a shoulder to cry on.

5. Everything is a big problem

For the self-centered person, everything in his world is a huge test. Even having a bad day is reason to drink that night. They thrive on drama, and if there is nothing, they will create something just to get attention.

6. Lying is easy

An egocentric person must be glamorous and more influential than the rest. So this person is not above lying to appear more wonderful. They will inflate the job titles, the people they are friends with, and the amount of money they have.

7. The inner circle is chosen carefully

Remember, a selfish person is very manipulative. They choose their friends based on what their friends can do for them. They will select the people who are emerging in the world or they will take them where they want to be.

Each person they allow into their inner circle is selected to promote their agenda. No, this person doesn’t like you, but they want what you can do for them. If you notice these traits, you need to run away from them quickly.

8. Family business is prohibited

One strange thing you may notice about this person is that they will not discuss their family with you. You may have known them for months or even years, and they won’t say anything about your relatives.

When you observe family avoidance, it is often caused by bad relationships. While they may not have a living family, chances are their family will not associate with them because of how they act. It is always a red flag when a boy or a girl does not allow you to meet at least one member of their family.

9. Many rules

The self-absorbed person will often have many rules to follow. They are very particular about where they will shop, eat, and with whom they will be seen. They may require that dinner be at 5 o’clock every night, and they may require that you only wear a specific color in public.

The real problem is that the self-centered person is very controlling. They try to monopolize your life and feel better about themselves when you listen to their demands.

10. Gas lighting

If this person feels that you are in their games or that you have discovered a lie, then they have no problem turning it around. Look, their esteem doesn’t allow them to be anything but perfect, so if you try to call them on a mistake, they will return it to you.

Being in a relationship with this person can be real torture, as they can misrepresent the facts and make you believe things that you know are not right. Gaslighting it is dangerous and can have serious implications for your mental well-being.

11. No empathy

Suppose you just lost your job and you don’t know how you are going to do it. Hopefully your boyfriend or girlfriend will be compassionate about the situation. However, to their surprise and surprise, they don’t even seem to care.

They quickly ignore their feelings of loss and return to themselves. When they have a crisis, they expect the world to stop. However, they don’t empathize with you or your problems, and you’re lucky if you even see any sign of sympathy.

12. Very opinionated

This person is usually very stubborn and cannot even open their mind long enough to see another person’s point of view. They will impose their beliefs and morals on you, since they feel that it is the only point of view they can have on the matter.

They do not care what others feel or believe, since their opinion is the only one that counts.

Final thoughts on the self-absorbed person

The problem with self-centered people is that they can’t see the big picture. Your world is extremely small and only consists of your needs and wants. These are very imposing individuals who use words like “must” in everyday conversation.

If you peel off all the layers of this complex personality, you will find many wounds. Self-absorption often occurs when people have been so hurt in life that they feel they must defend themselves. What you see is a very selfish, manipulative and controlling person, but what is inside might surprise you.

These larger-than-life personalities are often camouflaging a bruised self esteem and a low ego. They do not tell you that they may have witnessed trauma or that they could be victims of abuse. If they grew up in a home where one or both parents had substance abuse problems, they probably suffered from neglect.

One way that they can cope with the things that happened to them is to repair their feelings of self-worth. This coping mechanism that they have developed is what prevents them from a total breakdown. It is difficult to repair the damage caused by time and the incident, but it can be done.

Before you get too involved in a relationship like this, you need to know the amount of attention and work that is required. Can true love fix everything? Do not; However, many self-centered people are able to deal with their problems and make changes before developing a narcissistic personality disorder.


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