10 New Fall Hairstyles You Need To Try This Season

These new fall hairstyles will have heads turning all season long. This fall we’re seeing lots of braids, lots of volume, and lots of personalities! We’ve rounded up our favorite looks for you to try at home, and keep your ‘do fresh as we turn a new autumn leaf this season.

Master these cute tiny braids and beautiful updos, and you’ll be the envy of your officemates. Keep scrolling for our favorite fall hairstyles and trends!

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10 New Fall Hairstyles You Need To Try This Season

1. Single Fishtail Braid

image via Glamour

You don’t need to have perfect ashy blonde hair to pull off this look! Anyone with long locks can do a fishtail braid down with a small section of hair. Sweep it over your shoulder for an easy care-free feel.

Don’t have long hair? You’ll be glad to know that you can still sport this look with faux braid hair!

2. Faux-Undercut Hairstyle for Fall

faux-undercut-braided-hairstyle-long-hair-redhead | braided hair
Image via StrayHair

We LOVE tiny braids this year, and this one is perfect for the edgy girl who wants an undercut without the commitment. Start off by parting sections on one side of your head and french braid them. You can leave your hair straight or curl it for a better look.

3.  The Baseball Cap | Trendy Fall Hairstyles

woman-wearing–baseball-cap | long hairstyles
image via styedavenue

Different style hats come in and out of fashion. This year is all about the classic baseball cap! Get yourself a cap with a simple logo and wear it casually all season long. Perfect for bad hair days and weekends and when you need to give your hair a styling break.

4. Braided Crown Fall Hairstyle

braided hairstyles | fashionable-hair-disheveled-braid-around-head

Braids are back, and this lovely braided crown is the perfect solution to keep those locks off your face in an elegant and fashionable way. Do as the Deutsch do and rock this look at your local festival!

Tip: Having a hard time creating this look? Why don’t you just get those ready to use faux braid crowns!

5. Boho Headscarf/Headband | Fall Hairstyles

woman-in-gray-top-and-blue-denim-shorts-standing-on-road | fall hair accessories

Perfect for those crisp mornings where you just can’t roll out of bed. Simply wrap a bandana or scarf around your head – no styling required!

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6. Country-Inspired Fall Hairstyle

woman-wearing-beige-dress-shirt-using-laptop-computer | fall fashion

One of my favorites, the cowboy hat, will never go out of style especially during festivals. Just like the baseball cap, this hat can surely protect you from the sun. It’s classic, chic, and sexy!

7. Tribal Braided Hair Fall Trend

woman-in-gray-and-white-spaghetti-strap-dress-standing-on-rocky-ground | hair bride

This hairstyle will make you look fierce and cool. Make a faux hawk and create two tiny braids on both sides for this tribal vibe look.

8. Half Top Knot Fall Updo

How-to-put-your-hair-in-a-topknot-bridget | blonde hairstyles
image via The DIY Playbook

I love how the hair, makeup, and top complemented each other. This is definitely one of my personal favorites.

9. Flower Crown Fall Hairstyle

woman-wearing-a-flower-crown | hair accessories

Channel your inner child with a flower crown! This looks so cute and perfect for festivals.

You can create your own flower crown but there are many available online that are super cute like this one.

10. Rainbow Pastel Hairstyle Trend

hairdresser-spraying-hair-spray-on-female | fall hair colors

Ready for something completely new?? Go edgy with this rainbow hairstyle. It’s not only colorful it’s fun too.

If you can’t commit to getting an ombre rainbow hair, go check out the new trend now called spray on hair color it’s easy and fun!

Learn how to do your own braided hair crown with this tutorial from Ashley Brooke:

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, not only is it PRIME TIME for fashion (helloooo sweater weather), but it also means the start of all the exciting holidays ahead! By this time of year we’re all secretly rejoicing that the heat of summer has finally reached its end, and we’re ready to pull on our chunky scarves, tights, and booties.

It’s back to school for some, or back to the old grind for others. Wherever you’re heading, you’ll definitely want to be fully prepared with a fresh assortment of hairstyles to rock your new fall wardrobe.

Are you excited to try these new and trending fall hairstyles? I’d love to hear your thoughts, share them in the comments section below. 


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