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You Lost an Amazing Person, and This Time It’s for Good


You had your last chance with an amazing person. But now, you finally made it. You broke the last drop and now your partner is gone forever. There are no more second, third or fourth chances. This was.

Your partner was a beautiful soul and an inspiring spirit. Someone who could work miracles with a simple smile. A person whose light shone so brightly that it illuminated all the darkness you brought into the relationship. Your partner overshadowed you, but instead of absorbing that illustrious light, you wanted to dim it.

This time, you did more than dim the light. You turn it off. You burned the candle to the last part of the wick. You can’t turn it back on. Your partner left, and it didn’t have to be this way. Now is the time to examine where things went wrong. Only then can you put the pieces of your life together and move on.

Rather than viewing this relationship as a failure, think of it as an opportunity to restart your life and get back on track.

Personal reflection: Why did your partner leave?

Let’s take a look at some of the things that could have gone wrong in your relationship. Only once you identify problems will you be able to make smarter decisions when you meet a new person.

1 – Did you appreciate your partner?

You could have appreciated your partner. You could have appreciated everything that wonderful person gave you. Oh my … they gave you so much.

Love, peace, acceptance, kindness, understanding, and motivation are just a few of the gifts he took for granted. Your partner gave you so much. Your partner gave and gave, and you took it all, giving nothing in return. To make matters worse, you gave it all away. You may now recognize that you threw these gifts aside, thinking there would always be more.

Now you know better. There is an end to people who do not appreciate and you have reached it. This is a race that you ran and came in first place, but the award was not an award at all. You ran the wrong race and now, instead of winning, you are paying. You are paying big.

How to show your next partner how much he means to you.

Your partner wants to know that you value, respect, and will always protect their feelings. Remember this lesson for the next time you fall in love. Here are some ways to show your next love interest that you really value them:

  1. Make time for them, even when you are very busy with work, family, or other obligations. There are no excuses. Your time is proof that you care.
  2. Plan outings or special dates. Think of a picnic at your favorite park, movie tickets for two in your favorite genre, or even a day trip to a local tourist site. Plan these dates according to your love interests, not yours.
  3. Send your new love a special text or DM for no special reason. This gesture tells them how much you treasure them.
  4. Give your new love your undivided attention. Turn off the smartphone and pay attention. Look them in the eye when they talk.
  5. Learn to be an attentive listener. Repeat the key points of what they tell you to ensure complete understanding. Mirror their gestures so they see that you are in tune with them.

2 – Did you think the grass was greener on the other side?

They say that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, but sometimes it seems like you’ve missed the word. What you didn’t realize is that they were already On the other hand. Your grass was the greenest.

What was special about that? other side? What did you feel that you were missing? Was it worth losing it all? Was it worth giving up all the good times, all the special moments, and future possibilities? Now all you have left is memories and ghosts. I bet when you remember, you’ll see all that green grass that you previously ignored.

While some very forgiving people may forgive a cheater, most will not tolerate such behavior. Now that you’ve learned that lesson the hard way, look within yourself. You have a fundamental question to answer:

Why weren’t you satisfied?

Here is the real question. It would be helpful if you investigated deeply to determine why you cheated. Maybe this amazing person was not the one for you. When you find love again, find someone with the qualities that will keep you happy forever.

3 – Were you incompatible with this person?

These days, it is almost impossible to find a compatible partner for a relationship. That’s something your partner realizes now more than ever, thanks to you. Hopefully, you haven’t scarred your partner for life, and they’ll be open to finding the right one. After all, they deserve the happiness, not the mistreatment you gave them.

But was his behavior an indicator that the two of you were really incompatible?

The next time you take a risk in love, find someone who shares your dreams, goals, and values. While opposites can attract, it takes two people fighting for a common goal to build lasting love. So if that’s what you really want, then compatibility becomes very important.

Compatibility signs

Here are eight main signs that prove someone is compatible with you:

  1. You share common hobbies or interests. Life is more fun when you have someone to explore it with!
  2. Your partner inspires you to become your best self. In fact, he cares a lot about your opinion of you.
  3. Each accepts the other as he is. Trying to change someone will always backfire.
  4. They both want to make plans to build a life together. You can’t imagine walking down the path without that special someone by your side.
  5. They love each other without any commitment. Love should never be a quid pro quo scenario.
  6. You want to impress the family of your love. Family is everything and, you know, one day you will need that support system.
  7. Your friends and family like your partner. When they blend in perfectly with your group, it makes life easier. Your family and friends know that this is a person who is good for you, earning them instant acceptance.
  8. Both also value time alone. You are safe in a compatible relationship. Therefore, you are not afraid of cheating or other bad behavior. This security allows you to take the time for yourself that you may need recharge your batteries occasionally.

4 – Did you learn your lesson and are now ready to move on?

If you are ready to begin to heal and improve, you will search within yourself to find and fix problems. That is assuming you have accepted the fact that you are the problem. If you had accepted this earlier, your partner might still be close. However, he didn’t, so it’s too late to fix that relationship. Get ready for the future.

Yes, you have messed things up between you and your partner, but you may still be able to change for the better (assuming you want to). This is not “another chance” with that person because they are over.

Think of this opportunity as a new version of yourself, a reboot, so to speak. Now you are alone, so you can start from scratch and become a new you. It would be best to start by practicing being grateful for all the blessings in your life. Gratitude makes you happier, which fosters appreciation for those whom you appreciate.

Remember that people are not your doormat. Treat them kindly and with respect. Treating others well helps you remember that people have feelings and recognize that your feelings are important. Ultimately, treating others well will make you better for the next person.

Final thoughts on the loss of your special someone and the possibility of rebooting

You probably never thought you’d feel this way when they left. You thought it wouldn’t be a big deal and that they would run back as usual. This time, you got it all wrong. Your partner has had enough and the relationship is over.

It is a difficult fact to accept. Yes, it hurts like a broken bone and is a wound that may never heal completely. But you really regret your role in this. Therefore, you will take the necessary steps to improve in the future.

So keep going. But learn from your mistakes. You will do better next time you find love. Perhaps when you are lucky or blessed to find another, you will learn from your mistakes and treat them much better. That newfound positivity and awareness of your mistakes will help you build a better relationship in the future.



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