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Watch Dwayne Johnson Give $30k Truck to the Guy Who Took Him In When ‘The Rock’ was a Homeless Teenager


There’s a reason Dwayne Johnson is called the friendliest celebrity. It’s not just fun; he has his own foundation that helps at-risk and terminally ill children. Kindness seems to be in the bones of this actor. As for his last act? You just gave a new Ford F-150 to an old friend.

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On New Years Day, the 48-year-old Fast and Furious star visited his friend Bruno Lauer.

It is true that the initial greetings of The Rock did not sound all that friendly. “Hey son of a gun!” Dwayne yelled across the parking lot. But his tone was just a joke.

Bruno took in the actor when he was a homeless teenager in Tennessee. Nine years later, after Johnson went through tough times once again while trying to make a name for himself as a wrestler, it was Bruno who again came to the rescue and said he could live in his Nashville trailer.

“I love you bro,” Johnson wrote to his friend in an Instagram post. “Your kindness and heart helped change the trajectory of my life. And when you’re ready to retire from “business,” just say the word. I’ve got you covered. “

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A $ 30,000 truck and the gift of a financially stable future? Bruno, a former wrestling manager, couldn’t hold back his tears.

Check out the video of the sweet moment in the Instagram clip below.

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