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Two Colleges in Ohio See How Much They Can Out-Tip One Another at Restaurants—Raising $34,000 for Workers


College rivalries can lead to fierce competition on and off the field of play. While excesses of energetic team spirit have historically led to frivolous feuds for the pet’s nap, this past January, fans of two Ohio schools launched a Battle Royale to brag about rights to a much more worthy cause: show support for restaurant workers financially paralyzed by COVID-19. pandemic.

The first touchdown play after kickoff was a quarterback by a Xavier College alumnus who tipped $ 1,000 on a $ 54 bill at Zip’s Café with a scribbled napkin note what did he say:

“Share this advice with all of your employees as they work so hard and are dealing with COVID. Go Xavier! “

After the score was posted online, it was the University of Cincinnati’s turn to take the kick and run with it.

The following week, two anonymous UC fans left a $ 1,001 tip at the nearby Keystone Bar and Grill along with a challenge: “Earlier this week, I saw a $ 1,000 Xavier fan tip at Zip’s … I think now more than ever we need to support our local restaurants. Let’s see how long we can keep this up… Bearcats go up by 1 !! “

Keystone soon spread the word of the generous tipping on Facebook, explaining that users who preferred to remain anonymous weren’t in it for the glory, but in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same. They closed the post by throwing some friendly wood on the fire. “It’s your turn, Xavier fans! Who will beat the Bearcats by leaving a $ 1,002 tip at your favorite local bar or restaurant? “

That Xavier and UC are located just three miles apart is the perfect call for an intense rivalry. “I think the proximity has definitely helped drive this generous and enjoyable movement,” said Zip’s Café owner Mike Burke. CNN.

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“Money aside, I know this has put smiles on the faces of all those affected and even put smiles on the faces of those not directly involved,” added Burke. “I have to say we could all use a few more smiles these days.”

While the game may not be over yet, so far this year’s “Tipoff Bowl” has raised about $ 34,000 for Cincinnati restaurant workers. When you have a win / win like that, who needs a trophy?

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On the other hand, with a number of college rivalries seeping across the country, there is certainly room for expansion.

Maybe it’s time to start a new sports tradition and make the “Tipoff Bowl” an annual sporting event?

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