Which of these do you enjoy the? Transformers Prime For President T-Shirt or Big Damn Heroes Firefly Shirt?

We found 2 cool pieces from 80stee

Todays A vs B comparison is for two lovely products from 80stee that seem really great. Between Transformers Prime For President T-Shirt and Big Damn Heroes Firefly Shirt, which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a closer look and see what there is to see.

1st for today is

Transformers Prime For President T-Shirt

Do you think that all of the presidential candidates on Earth are too boring? Now, you can show that you support a Cybertronian for the job of commander-in-chief with this 80sTees.com exclusive Transormers Prime For President t-shirt. This shirt is designed to look like a presidential campaign poster, with the leader of the Autobots giving a thumbs up while surrounded by stars, and the shirt reads Prime For President. Transformers fans everywhere will agree with your choice for a new Headmaster of state. For Transformer fans that want to see a politician who is more than meets the eye, this Transformers Prime For President t-shirt is must have! Remember, choosing the best presidential candidate is the right of all sentient beings. Let everyone know that they should roll out and vote Prime for President!
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Our 2nd product on the list today is Big Damn Heroes Firefly Shirt!
This Firefly shirt shows the popular phrase Big Damn Heroes. This quote was said by Zoe when she and Mal arrived just in the nick of time in the episode titled “Safe”. This Big Damn Heroes shirt is a must have for any fan of Firefly. Even those who only understand Captain Dummy Talk will appreciate this shirt.
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I’m saying my choice between these two is hands down… Transformers Prime For President T-Shirt.

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