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Tracee Ellis Ross Opened Up About Her Hair Journey and What It’s Like to Be Going Gray

Tracee Ellis Ross is getting real about hair acceptance and how she really feels about going gray. In an inspiring new post on Instagram, the 47-year-old actor opened up about her hair journey in a lengthy caption that details the ups and downs she’s had with her hair throughout the years — dating all the way back to when she was a teenager.

“My hair has played many a role throughout my life. When I was a teen, I didn’t understand it so I tried everything under the sun to make it do what I thought it should,” writes Ross. She goes on to explain how it ultimately became fried from doing too much to it, and that when she finally started listening to her hair and learning what it likes, her true curl pattern surfaced and she got it to a healthy place.

She then describes how her hair has changed as she’s gotten older and what that’s been like for her so far. “As I have grown and matured my texture has evolved. My hair is now turning grey (evidence of my life and my years). And while the grey has changed my texture and the dye I use to cover it has loosened my pattern, I finally know my hair inside and out.”

The Pattern Beauty founder adds that while she’s not ready to embrace her grays just yet, she knows that it’ll be exciting when she finally gets there. “I’ve always said that my journey to self-acceptance can be chronicled through my journey with my hair,” she muses. “Taking the time to accept, understand and love my hair mirrors the relationship I have with myself. I have grown to love and appreciate my hair in all of its seasons. Because hair love IS self love.”

We couldn’t have said it any better. Props to Ross for sharing her hair story with the world — and inspiring so many folks in the process.

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