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The Ultimate Black Hair Care Tools

By Jenna Brooks

Looking for hair care tools to style your natural hair, but unsure of where to look or what to buy? Here are some great tools that will bring a variety of different styles to your hair that are easy to use and safe for your scalp!

Starting off fresh out of the shower, a hair dryer extension, called a diffusor, will blow your hair out without making your hair look crazy! They are fairly cheap and can be found everywhere from Ulta to Sally Beauty to Amazon for under $10. A diffusor will bring volume and curl to your hair without all of the poof and frizz!

Next up is a tool called flexi rods, which are similar to hair curlers but are flexible and can bend easily in your hair! They come in a variety of different lengths and widths and can be found at any haircare retailer or Target and Amazon. For under $20, this product will bring beautiful curls to your natural hair without any heat at all!

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Coming up is a vital tool for any woman with natural, more textured hair, and that would be a hair wrap. They typically come in either cotton or silk and will cover your hair for curl protection while you’re asleep or while you’re out and about. They can be found on multiple different websites, including Amazon, typically for under $30, and are a vital accessory for your bathroom!

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Finally, a little more on the pricier side, we have a handheld hair steamer. Coming in at around $70, depending on where you get one, they bring life, style, and moisture to your hair for any occasion and any weather. This styling device is definitely worth the investment for the life it will bring back to even the worst hair!

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