The Hot Papaya Nail Trend Is About to Be Everywhere This Summer

It’s completely natural, once the heavyweight heat and humidity roll around, to cut down on makeup for the summer. The intensified sunshine and smudge-encouraging sweatiness often call for a lighter hand with foundation, perhaps gloss instead of matte lips, and just a couple coats of mascara instead of layers of eye shadow. But the beauty of summertime — when it comes to… well, beauty — is that there’s no reason to pull back on your manicure fun, because summer nail colors are always the brightest, boldest variety of the year.

Sure, you may not reach for the same shades you might paint with for the fall equinox or when prepping for a holiday party, but summer inspires just as many colorful nail looks as the rest of the calendar. In fact, in many cases, they’re the brightest manicures of the entire year. 

There are no rules when it comes to what colors you can or should wear from June to September. Wanna wear an autumnal burgundy or springy pastel right smack in the middle of July? Definitely do it. But if you’re looking for suggestions for your new favorite summery shades, we’ve got the latest and greatest rounded up below, ready to make your manicure a key contributor to any heatwaves we may experience this season.

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