The 13 Best Barber Clippers and Beard Trimmers 2021 for a Clean Shave and Cut

Barber clippers come in handy for a multitude of reasons — including, but not limited to, keeping facial hair fresh, cleaning up buzz cuts, and trimming your pubic hair, if you prefer. Plus, while salons were temporarily shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis, they became especially helpful to have in your stash for maintenance purposes. Now that salons are slowly starting to reopen, it’s still good to have these in your medicine cabinet just in case you need a touch-up, or in the hopefully rare case, we ever find ourselves in another lockdown.  

Of course, much like with haircutting scissors, some clippers are better than others. According to Candice Ryan, a professional barber and groomer based in New York City, you should consider investing in your clippers — especially if you’re someone who has facial hair or a hairstyle that requires frequent touch-ups.

“With less expensive trimmers, they may snag your hair or you may need to buy two to four over time because they will not last,” she says. “So don’t necessarily go for the cheapest — look for something that is cordless and can cut all hair types, and make sure that the clippers have guards that come with them, which will allow you to cut with levels and control how much of the hair gets cut off.”

Still, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a pair of clippers to get a quality pair of clippers. There are plenty of worthy options for under $100, as well as ones for less than $50. Albeit, if you’re someone who uses clippers on a weekly or daily basis, you may want to consider an investment pair that will last you years.

To find out which clippers are the best for you, we talked to several barbers and stylists who know what’s up. Ahead, find eight of their recommendations for anyone looking to add a solid pair of clippers to their hair-care collection and brush up on their cutting skills.

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