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Sister Makes Video For the Classmates of Her Brother With Autism Who is Starting First Grade – And it’s Adorably Helpful


A proud mother posted a beautiful video her daughter made, marking the day her little brother started school this year.

Tania Van Bree / Facebook

Tania Van Bree wrote on Facebook that Elli created this video to help spread as much information about autism as possible to the Elm Grove Elementary School classmates who will surround Willem for the next four years.

“Sometimes new children or noisy places scare him because their ears and eyes are so sensitive,” he explains.

Elli, in fifth grade, who will attend the same school until next year, offers 4 tips on how to be prepared to meet Willem.

“In general, he is a child like you and me,” he concludes. “And I hope you love him as much as I do.”

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The video was even going to be broadcast during school announcements.

(You may wish to have a tissue nearby while you watch her talk so lovingly about her brother!)

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