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Restaurant Wants to Give Burglar a Second Chance – Offering Him a Job Application


When a suspected thief broke into a restaurant in the early hours of a Saturday morning, the last thing they had to wait for was a show of kindness from the owner.

The owner Carl Wallace is a special person. When he found the front door of his restaurant vandalized and the surveillance footage of the suspect, he took to Facebook and offered his help to someone who was on the wrong path in life.

While the thief has yet to come forward, Wallace’s act of forgiveness has seen him see many friendly faces at his Diablo’s Southwest Grill restaurant in Augusta, Georgia.

“I thought [the Facebook post] it was probably one of the best things I had read in my life, “said customer Cher Best WRDW-TV. “So as a result of what I read and compassion … I wanted to support the business.”

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So where did this compassion come from? A genuine belief that “love, kindness, and forgiveness will always be a better solution than hate,” says Wallace.

(LOOK the WJBF segment on this story below).

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